Would it hurt Hillary if she came out of the closet?

Their is alot of speculation that Hillary is a secret lesbian.

I wonder, lets say she openly admitted to it. Would that really hurt her any? I mean people that hate her now would still hate her and the people who love her, probably would not care. So frankly I doubt it would be a game changer if she came out and admitted her marriage was one of more convenience which I think most people suspect anyways.

What do you all think?

I think you must be realllllly bored tonight.

It’s not like he said Clinton is a lesbian. He’s just asking questions, is all.

Just asking questions. Riiiiight. :dubious:

Na, Fox does it all the time, the insinuating sneer- with-a-question-mark. I guess it trickles down. Shall I start a thread : “Would it hurt Cruz if he admitted to having bern found guilty for perjury ?”

You know, just to even out the number of clicks and have fair and balanced news?

Yes, it would hurt her.

I don’t think that’s the reason she hasn’t come out. I think her lesbianism only exists in others’ imaginations–like Republican men who are attracted to Huma Abedin and have F/F fantasies.

If contemporary pics came out, it would murder her. Same as pics with Janet Reno.
Pics of her with Huma Abedin? Younger Hillary? I might vote…no, that’s nonsense!

Seems like a silly debate but I think it’s more Pit worthy than anything else.

Bill Clintons former lover Sally Miller said that during her and Bill’s “pillow talk” Bill said Hillary preferred women. Former lover Jennifer Flowers and former Clinton advisor Larry Nichols also make the claim.

Personally I think she reminds me of the first lady on that show “House of Cards” who prefers women but keeps up appearances with her husband because it looks better for the cameras.

If Hillary played this right, (“this” being something I’d never heard of until the OP fought my ignorance), she would let slip just a few hints (whether or not she really is one) – just enough to get a chunk of those young, hip Bernie supporters to show up for her in November. It’s just the kind of egdy cred many Bernie fans feel she lacks.

Well, that nails it. A spurned lover certainly has no reason to lie about her ex’s wife.

Or Bill lied about why he needed to find sex outside of his marriage.

Anyone who would find that a reason to vote for Hillary is already in her camp. She might lose some marginal votes, but anyone who would find that a reason to vote against her probably already is.

Wait until the rumors fly about Donald and Bernie’s willllllllllllld weekend at Club Med.

It’s an election year and the communist thing is so dead. It’s sexuality now.

If Hillary’s a lesbian, why did she murder Vince Foster?

Weekend at Bernies?

I see your pot brownies came in. “Maybe you had too much too fast.”

There’s a lot of speculation that she had an affair with noted lesbian Vince Foster and that Bill had him (her?) killed.

There’s a lot speculation that Chelsea Clinton’s father is actually Webb Hubbell. Either that, or she actually is Bill’s child, but was conceived in a case of marital rape.

There’s a lot of speculation that Hillary had Kathleen Willey’s cat killed.

There’s a lot of speculation that Hillary and Bill are shape-shifting alien reptiles, which makes the alleged affair with Mr. Foster even more kinky.

There’s a lot of speculation that the OP is one of those people who simply can’t accept that someone may have sincerely-held political views different from his own, and that any such claimed differences are a cover for some sort of evil intent.

As a conservatiive…if there was ever a “scared straight” joke that needed to be said…well this is the time…

Seriously dude? There’s porn on the internet. Lots of it. You don’t need to be JAQing off to fantasies of lesbian Hillary Clinton.