Do The Fes KNOW Who Sent The Anthrax Powder?

You don’t readmuch about this anymore…but has anything come out about the Anthrax scare? Presumably the Postal Inspectors, FBI, ATF are still working this case…has anything new surfaced?
My thoery is that the powder was sent by Al-Queda operatives, and that soon the administration will reveal this…possibly in time for the election.
Anybody know any more on this? :rolleyes:

I heard the feds think it was delivered in a fez by Uncle Fester. If he won’t fess up before the election, there will be quite a fuss. Feisty freak.

Last I heard was that they had id’d the Anthrax as US stock. So it’s more likely a internal problem like the unabomber that AQ.

Any updates on this?

This is an article by journalist Jon Ronson.

Ronson profiles four of the hoaxers – an anti abortionist, two practical jokers and a bit of a nutter.

Yeah, kinda makes you wonder what the chances are of American WMD’s falling in terrorist hands.

Time for a regime change?

Well, as long as we’re talking out of our asses with no supporting evidence, I believe it was a Northwoods-style operation designed to connect Iraq to Al Qaeda and provide a pretext for the invasion.

I heard it was these guys. (4th picture down)

Just last week, the FBI raided the homes of Dr. Kenneth M. Berry in NY and NJ. They also searched his car (a little LATE, don’t you think?), defamed his name, and drove him crazy.

Hatfill’s lawsuit against the FBI is stalledbecause it could reveal secret information:

In plain English, the FBI’s got nothing, and is floundering about trying to find someone new to blame for their failed investigation.

Perhaps stepping back a bit and answering several questions might help to refocus:

  1. What was the “grade” of anthrax that was used?
  2. What government/organization has the capability to create such a grade of anthrax?
  3. What country/organization has the capability to effectively hide their tracks so as to prevent a location of origin for the anthrax?

FWIW, I don’t think Al Qaeda (nor any of its supporters if they exist) has the capabilities to be identified as the answers to the last two questions posed.