Do the (Hey) "Mickey" lyrics contain an offer of anal sex?

Oh, I do, I do…it was my older sister’s favorite song growing up.

I always understood “take it like a man,” when used regarding a woman, to refer to anal sex, either directly, like in porn, or as a double-entendre.

My understanding of the song was that it was about a a teenage boy named Mickey and a somewhat scary crazy middle-aged woman who wanted to dress up like a high school cheerleader and get a tap in the shitter. In retrospect, I may have been reading too much into it.

No, she bent over a few times, and once flounced her ass toward the camera, but not during the “take it like a man” part. She sort of hugged herself for that.

I went to YouTube to find the original vid, and I wish I hadn’t. It was every bit as annoying as it was when new. :smack:

There were other lesser movies featuring Toni Basil, Suzanne Somers, Beau Bridges, and Ron Howard?

“are you a pothead, Focker?” ahahah…love Meet The Parents.

I always thought it was about opium.

And I too would like to hear about Peggy Sue.

I thought Lemur was kidding. If there IS a story behind Peggy Sue, I, too, would like to hear.

This is all very interesting…but can anyeone tell me exactly how a guy could be “turning Japanese” to me?

According to Wikipedia, “Mickey” was a cover of a song originally titled “Kitty.” So some of the oddities may just be a result of changing the name/sex of the person addressed without changing any of the other words.

I don’t have the best of Racey on hand, and Amazon has only a 30 second clip, but I assume due to the gender change the originaly lyric couldn’t conceivably have the “take it like a man” part, which means even if that was not the original intent, perhaps whoever changed them added the anal angle.

Why couldn’t the original lyrics have had “Take it like a man”? A male person can still said to take something like a man–i.e., being tough/not a “wuss.”

I always heard the lyrics as, “I’ll treat you like a man.”

Makes more sense to me.

You’re right, good point.

Just to make it clear, Puff the Magic Dragon, is about an imaginary dragon called Puff, and not drugs. I think some of you guys are whooshing, but I dunno if you all are.

After a bit of searching, I found the video on YouTube (SFW, if you’re actually allowed to watch music videos at work) and I’m deeply disturbed. There does appear to be a whole lot of bending over and emphasis on Toni Basil’s backside. It’s definitely implying something sexual, judging by the gesturing and body movements, but I’m left with two questions:

[li]Was that sort of “dancing” (or as I like to call it “twitching”) normal for the 1980s?[/li][li]Why is somebody’s mother wearing a cheerleader’s outfit?[/li][/ul]

I don’t think the lyrics were originally meant to mean anything sexual at all, but it definitely appears this interpretation is going for something risqué.

OK, Peggy Sue. Geez, I guess the term “pegging” doesn’t have as wide a user base as I thought.

Thanks to my recent forays into Dan Savage’s column, I actually get that! :smiley:

I’m watching the youtube video now. It does seem sexual. Though oddly, it’s so much more conservative (attire, dance) in what it shows. Short skirts, but not very revealing on top. No cleavage or belly being flashed by any of them. This would look so different if they were doing it today. Music videos–you’ve come a long way, baby. (That is, do they ever make them/show them on TV anymore?)

Other than the fact that the back-up cheerleaders look vaugely manish…or maybe the East German Women’s Wrestling Team. Seriously, them’s some fugly cheerleaders.

Even sadder is that her uniform was her own actual high school cheerleader outfit.


(But she’ll always be one of the hitchhikers in “5 Easy Pieces” to me. Remember the diner scene?)

A few months older than mine, something I didn’t realize when this song came out while I was in high school :dubious:

Clearly, somebody in casting screwed up and hired a flag team instead of a cheerleading squad.

(Old joke: Q: Why does <insert rival college football stadium name here> have artificial turf? A: So the flag team doesn’t graze.)