Do the location of tattoos have any meaning?

I chose the locations of my tats – an armband on my left bicep and a large Celtic knot on the left calf – for the best combination of being able to show them off and being able to hide them for job interviews or dress codes. They’re on the left because I have a fair number of scars on my right side (it makes a strange kind of sense to me).

I have, however, been told that because I have an armband I’m obviously a surfer. That was news to me …

For a while in Queer culture, a top, if inked, would traditionally be tattooed on his hipbone or lower belly for the benefit of someone on their knees in front of him. Similarly, a bottom would be tattooed in the centre of his lower back, as it would then be seen by the guy topping him. There’s a trend now for slaves or puppies to be tattooed on the inside of their bottom lip with an identifier i.e ‘slave’, or their master’s name.

From what little I’ve seen of the tattoos, it’s largely a personal thing.

The current trend towards ladies inking the smalls of their backs is, IMHO, in part that very few people end up with stretch marks there, and because, as WILLASS commented, it is a touch erotic for some. And I might further point out that the individual girls I know who have gone to this effort do feel they need just such an edge. Call it youthful insecurity.

Now, me, I do not wear hip-hugger styles, and my preference in tops is something that I can tuck in, or that extends past my hips. So the Celtic knot I’m contemplating for the small of my back will be for me, and whomever gives me a back-rub. If I ever get over the needles involved.

A song I heard the other day at Faire:

How far down your butt does your tattoo go?
How far down your butt does your tattoo go?
How far down your butt does your tattoo go?
I don’t want to see it. I just want to know!

Tattoos on the lower back, especially swirly Celtic types, are just trendy.
As for what Potter said about tattooing insides of lips - ergh… The closest I’ve heard to that around here is “slave” or “Property of …” on the chest, much like you’d have a nametag, or on the butt.