Does a tattoo on the small of a girl's back mean she (Adult content) . . .

likes it in the backdoor?

A younger guy I work with told us that these 18-25 y/o girls who have tattoos on the small of their backs (which are on display because of all the low-rider jeans and tiny midriff-baring shirts) because it is like an advertisement of what type of sex they like. He was serious that it wasn’t just doggie-style sex but anal sex that they want/prefer/are bragging about having.

I think he’s repeating some bullshit urban legend, but then again I’m too old (almost 35) and out of it (married for 8 years) to have any clue. I’ve heard some prison tattoos have certain meanings, but this can’t be real, can it?

A sure tip-off is if the tattoo is a big arrow pointing down.

But if the tattoo reads “Other Side Up,” she’s more a vanilla chick.

Or it could mean that they are just following the fashion trends of A) getting a tat, and B) getting the tat in the small of their backs.

Absolutely true! Believe ALL over-generalizations! It has nothing to do with simple fashion choice, that currently showing off the mid-section is cool, nor that these girls have anything else on their minds when choosing that spot. It’s anal sex! In fact, I hear they have to sign a waiver at the tattoo parlor stating that they know that once they get a tat back there, they must go out and buy butt-lube, by the gallon no less!!! That co-worker of yours is just so, so, so clued into the modern girl and the choices that they make with their bodies…You can tell him I said so.

Can I get a :rolleyes:?

I’m a bit out of touch with what the kids are up to as well. All I know is those guys with ‘FUCK’ tattooed on their forehead probably don’t mean it as an invitation.

FWIW, as best I know, girlies still tend to use other means to let you know.

I hope not, because I was planning to get one there eventually.

Shoulder tats mean armpit sex.

Where do women that like to give oral sex have their tattoos?

Uh, like I mentioned I figured this guy was wrong but I thought I’d ask around. I didn’t see any mention of this trend/fashion statement as he claims at Snopes urban legends but then again anything is possible. Since most tattoos have special meaning for the wearer and the placement of the aforementioned tattoos would seem to be for the appreciation of someone else, his theory is somewhat plausible (just barely though).

I suppose you’re gonna tell me that women who wear ankle bracelets are not really advertising that they are swingers.

Could it have something to do with the current fashion for low-rise jeans, the ease of ‘cover-up’ if required and the fact that it’s quite sexy in a general sense.

No, your suggestion is much more plausible.

[sub]what I want to know is what this says about David Beckham - Posh Spice? Strap-on? suit you sir[/sub]

I have never ever ever heard this rumor.

When does school start back up again?

Ah, but again…which ankle are they wearing it on? I remember when it was the big thing in my high school to wear ankle bracelets, but only on the left ankle, because the right ankle meant you were a “loose woman.” I can’t believe I actually bought into that.

Well, it’s probably untrue as a generalization, but from personal experience with a sample of 1, I must report 100% compliance.

And no, I’m not talking about moi.

If she smokes, she pokes.

I’ve heard that guys tattoo “love” and “hate” on their fingers (or in Simpson’s world “luv” and “hat” with a bar over the a) so they don’t forget which hand to use when they…um…self pleasure.

Well, okay, I’ve only heard it in my head, but that still counts!

I’d say no. It reminds me of that old “males with piercings in the left (or mayber right?) ear are gay” thing. I think its’ just a fad and some loser who couldn’t score with a girl with a butterfly on her back (the most popular one I’ve seen) made the story up. It then spread and went from “Sandy with a back tattoo likes the anal sex” to “Everyone with a back tattoo likes the anal sex.” Similarly, it could have been started when a loser noticed that some porno stars adorned their backs with tattoos.

Still, it shows a bit of a pain tolerance, the small of the back is wicked senitive.

Someone better tell all those people on Hammy’s Tat pages that they prefer anal…

Or if it says “Exit Only”.


Yes, that exactly what it means and it’s precisely why I got a frog skeleton at the base of my back.

The frog also symbolizes my formicaphilia, and the fact that the frog is a skeleton is a reflection of my necrophilia.

I like to have my fun after the small creatures are dead.