Bizarre Signals You Didn't Know You Were Giving

We all have to be careful these days, and I think this is what’s leading us down the path of everyone wearing the same silver jumpsuit in the futuristic movies.

We must be wary of the signals that we are giving off to people who are so consumed with bizarre symbols that they cannot be bothered to get to know people as humans, but rather approach them when a hanky or a belt or an earring indicates that the stranger is a kindred spirit.

Inspired by GingeroftheNorth who was informed that by the simple act of wearing a certain bracelet she was indicating some sex practice, I wanted to make sure we all had a complete list of what we can and cannot wear or display in our daily lives lest we be confused for Carp Diddlers or something.

Of course, the classic is the “which ear are you wearing your earring in” quandry, and the classic SDMB Column of 'what does a red handkerchief in your backpocket mean", but what are the others?

I was told only a few weeks ago that if you hang mardi gras beads from your rearview mirror it is a ‘universal symbol’ :rolleyes: that you are into BDSM. I said it then, I"ll say it now…somebody better shoot of a memo to my sixty eight year old aunt who just thought the colors were pretty.

So what have you heard?

I think we’ve all heard about the “tattoo on the small of a woman’s back” and what that means. My wife recently mentioned that she’d like to get a tattoo on her back. Needless to say, I was quite supportive. Sadly, she was not aware of the meaning.

When I was in high school (a long time ago), it supposedly meant you were gay if you wore green and yellow on a Thursday.

My grandma liked the rainbow flag stickers and wanted to get one until I told her it meant something.

What does it mean? I’ve never heard that one!

Okay, I don’t hang mine from the rearview mirror. Mine are looped around the frontseat passenger headrest. What does this mean, other than the passengers are always flipping them around to the back of the seat to avoid getting poked in the back?

Okay, what does a tattoo on the small of a woman’s back mean?

“I was told only a few weeks ago that if you hang mardi gras beads from your rearview mirror it is a ‘universal symbol’ that you are into BDSM. I said it then, I"ll say it now…somebody better shoot of a memo to my sixty eight year old aunt who just thought the colors were pretty.”

Perhaps that just what she wants you to believe. :wink:

Mature Mistress Needs Slaves Now!
Mistress X, She-Bitch of the Mid-West, is now seeking submissive pussy-boy who will lick her boots clean. I’ve got the ball-gags, you bring the balls. Look for the Mardi Gras beads, 1998 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham.

At the risk of being “whooshed”, the rainbow flag is a gay symbol.

No, we all haven’t heard about specific meanings, or may have heard different meanings from what you may have heard. Please include your specific meaning so I might compare it to whatever possible meanings* my* brain is contemplating. (Like when they bleep out words on tv, and you find out what they bleeped was far less offensive than what you thought they bleeped - e.g., “Naughty Bits” from Monty Python.)

So what DOES that mean? (And if someone else has jumped in in the meantime, feh, my computer is running really really slow today.)

I’m also heard that wearing a ring on your thumb means you’re a lesbian. Of course, the argument I heard supporting this claim, at the time, was that Gina Gershon was wearing a ring on her thumb in Bound. But then the debate was “yeah, but it’s because they were making her fit the stereotype!..” and so on.

I apparently give off a signal that says:
“Eats_Crayons likes deranged, crazy people. So you must go up and talk to her on the street!”

(Really I’m a freak-magnet.)

Once when I was bitching about the low-pants-with-boxers-showing thing, I was told that it has a specific meaning. Of course, now I’ve forgotten what it was. Does it really have a meaning and if so, what?

It means you’re too poor to afford a belt.

What is up with those bracelets anyway? I vaguely recall seeing them and someone snickering about “those girls have no idea what they really mean.”

Oops, sorry. I assumed that most Dopers had heard this one, as it’s been discussed on here before, IIRC.

Allegedly, a tatoo on the small of a woman’s back means she likes anal sex. You know, it’s there for the guy to look at and all.

Don’t know where this one came from (I suspect high school boys are a likely source), or if there’s even a remote shred of truth behind it at one point or another.

I do know it’s probably a surprise to most women who have said tattoo.

Yep - colour me surprised…

I’m a carp diddler myself, and I wasn’t aware there was a uniform. Maybe that explains why people keep coming up and asking me about licking hippos. No! I don’t lick hippos! I diddle carp! Get it straight! Jeez.

I suspect this thread will be extremely useful. <sets bookmark>

I don’t know if this counts, but back in elementary school, kids would ask you a question to which the answer was yes. They’d then ask, “Are you positive?” If you said yes, then you were HIV POSITIVE HUR HUR HUR HUR HUR. Anyone else remember this? People exposed to it around the same time I was would be about 18-21 now…

In delphica’s words: “Yes, I know what they mean – they mean I can’t let go of the 80s!”

They’re JUST BRACELETS, people. I happened to go buy some to wear to the 80s party at Chidope, at Gundy’s place. The girl at the store asked me if I knew what they meant.

Or, there’s this whole urban legend bull at According to that page, the bracelets I bought ‘mean’:
sexual intercourse
giving blowjobs or lap dances
hugging or analingus
anal sex, holding hands, or doggy style
cunnilingus or outdoor sex.
Riiiight. Again… JUST BRACELETS.

Well, I’m 25 and I remember this one. I think it usually went like this:

Them: Do you know what AIDS is?
Me: Yes.
Them: Are you sure?
Me: Yes.
Them: Are you positive?
Me: Yes.
Them: You’re HIV positive! Ha ha ha!

The humor of children tends to have a timelessness to it, doesn’t it? :rolleyes:

Yes! Yes! Someone else knows!

Too bad for them I was a well-read little bugger and started replying to “Are you positive?” with “I am certain.” Always confused the hell out of them.