Unintentional Public Service Announcements (Bad tattoo)

Sometimes you learn everything you ever need to know about a person just by looking at them. Be it a tattoo, a t-shirt, or a bumper sticker - the fact that they chose to adorn themselves in that way is enough for you to make a permanent judgement about them.

Yesterday at the grocery store (It was over 100 degrees so lots of skimpy clothing meant lots of tattoos were on display) I saw a young woman, maybe late 20’s, with a full upper back tattoo, shoulder to shoulder, that read “Daddy’s Little Girl” This was professionally done, very artistic, but what the hell!? Is there anyone in this world that upon seeing that tattoo, would think “I’ve got to meet this woman”.

A girl (woman) who considers herself a “DLG” sends up a huge red flag already, but to permanently affix it to your skin for all time? Run away, and far.

I’ve known women who like it when men wear t-shirts with things like “Moustache Rides - 0.25c” on them so that they know to stay far away from them.

That’s not going to bug guys trying to do it doggy-style with her AT ALL, I’m sure!

Who’s your daddy?! Who’s your DADDY?! Who’s YOUR DADDY?!

Unless, of course, they like being called “Daddy.”

I wish I had seen that tattoo.

My friend and I have entertained the idea of doing a coffee table book just about tattoo. Maybe getting the reasoning behind the tat as well.

Neither of us have any artwork done, but it fascinates us to no end.

But if I were a man and saw a Daddy’s Little Girl in full technicolor ink on some chick’s back, that is just mother nature’s warning sign to others, like a rattle snakes rattle. " Stay Away!"

Yes, please. I can think of two very oogy situations that might have helped with.

Somewhere that was always more visible than the back would have been better, though.


Well, it was probably cheaper and more succinct than paying the artists to write “I am needy, temperamental, and I would like two mustache rides, please.”

Speaking of bumper stickers, I saw one yesterday:

He is NOT my President!

Look, I get that you don’t agree with his policies, I don’t agree 100% either, but, if you live here, he is your president, I didn’t vote for Kerry, but if he was in the office, and I met him, I would call him “Mr. President” and respect the position held, which is, like you know, president! Why this ticked me off is a bit of a puzzler to me, I guess that frothing-at-the-mouth reactionaries on both sides bug me.

BMalion, I recently saw that slogan on a t-shirt for sale in the window of a bohemian little shop.

Here, in Vancouver. The one in Canada.


They could have been talking about President Putin.

I’ve got a picture at home of a woman with “Daddy’s Girl” tattooed across the small of her back. Guess she wants to give her boyfriend some light reading.

A very strange bumper sticker I saw: “You’re ugly and your mother dresses you funny.”

Now I’ll grant (I suppose) that this cliché may actually be funny or otherwise appropriate when addressed in the right context to a deserving target. But to announce it randomly to everyone that happens to be tailing you??

On the other hand, the cool cat on the Harley sporting a black T-shirt with large fluorescent orange lettering proclaiming, “If you can read this, the bitch fell off” - now THAT indicates choice husband material.

I knew a girl who had her own name tattooed on her butt. I never could figure that one out. Are you afraid he’s gonna forget your name? While he’s in bed with you?

I have always said I would never have anyone’s name tattooed on me - not even mine. What if I have to go into the witness protection program or something? The only exceptiion I can think of is if I had kids (not gonna happen). I have tattoos, but I’m not getting my cats names tattooed on me either.

One of my funniest sights was a really morbidly obese guy wearing a “Gold’s Gym” muscle shirt. You’d think they’d be a little more careful about who they let advertise for them…

It might be a leftover from the Clinton Administration, of course.

I’d be hard pressed to find enough evidence to make permanent judgements about nearly everybody. Yeah, Pol Pot? Sure. But someone with a tatoo or a t-shirt? Respectfully, that’s just silly.

I once saw a brand new Mustang with a license plate frame that read, “I’m not spoiled, Daddy loves me!”

I wonder if it was hers.

This is pretty funy if you see both shirts in the set. The Ladie’s shirt proclaims “If you can read this, the bastard won’t let me drive.”

Pretty much says it all.

Well I think Wedding Crashers called the best tattoo related PSA… A tattoo in the small of a girls back is a bullseye. That girl is a slut.

My favorite PSA tattoo happened to be one of those doubly-bad ones, the hanzi at the small of the back. I saw it somewhere down in LA, walking around with my dad. The caligraphy was pretty bad, but my dad (who is not illiterate in Chinese) yanked me off into a corner before he burst out laughing.

Her tattoo said “Ten thousand customers.” She must’ve been… uhm… popular.