Worst ideas for tattoos you've seen

Pal of mine dated a girl with the “RATT” logo tattooed on her ankle, in BIG letters back in 86’.
Cause, you know when you’re dealing withthat sort of raw talent, you’ll like the band to your grave. And you also won’t mind being a midle-aged woman with the word “RATT” forever emblazened on ya.

My best buddy from childhood decided he wanted to get a tattoo many years ago. Walked into the parlor, picked a tattoo, got it, then called me on the phone.

“Hey I got a tattoo”!
“No kidding, of what”?
“Michael Keaton’s face in the batman mask”! (the first Batman movie had just been released)
“Wow! You musta REALLY liked that movie, huh”?
“Haven’t seen it yet. But you KNOW it’s gonna be awesome”.
“Yeah… I sure hope so…So you didn’t wanna wait till maybe you SAW it?”
“Nah. F*ck that.”
“Well, alrighty…” (hard to argue that logic)

For the record, he did like the movie. And now he’s got a huge Michael Keaton head on his arm to prove it.

The three stooges… why?

Hey, don’t dis the Stooges, Ol’scratch. You’re not really a man unless you find them hilarious.

Personally, I’ll pay good money for the first person who convinces Chiefscott to get a :slight_smile: tattoo.

Funniest one I ever saw was on a guy that had been bored on a long train journey one time, and had decided to do a patriotic one himself (using a compass). It was a drawing of his pet bulldog (quite good, actually) and underneath the legend “GREAT BRITIAN” (sic). Sad thing was that he had been unsure of the spelling and had walked the length of the train trying to find something saying ‘made in Britain’, without success.

A potato. Never knew anyone who got one, but in this kid’s story I read a looong time ago, Sideways Stories from Westside School there was this kid named Calvin who was going to get a tattoo and needed suggestions. The kids in the class all gave him ideas and in the end he got a potato. Naturally they thought this was the dumbest idea, and Calvin thought, “Well I like it. Don’t I?”

true story.

I was working in a restaurant as a chef’s assistant (glorified cook) when a waitress (late 30’s) pulled me into the ladies room to show me her new tatoo. She dropped trou right there to show me this ENORMOUS red dragon tattooed on her right butt cheek. She had her boyfriend’s name tattooed in the middle of the dragon’s body. The boyfriend’s name? “Norman”

Don’t get me wrong, there ain’t nothing wrong with the name Norman. It’s just kind of tough to take a huge red dragon named Norman seriously.

In all, I think it’s kinda dumb to get a person’s name (lover?) tattooed on you. See, tattoos tend to last much longer than most relationships…

A person’s name across his own shoulders.

What is the point. Are they worried about not being able to remember their own names and this way, if all of a sudden they forget their names, they can stop strangers on the street and ask, “Hey buddy, look at my back. Who am I?”

Or maybe it’s in case they go to prison. This way their dates can remember their names.

Or possibly it is to make police identification of their dead bodies easier after a drive by shooting. “Hey Jake, no need to turn over this guy and check who he is, I’ve got it right here.”

I saw a woman twith a tatoo of the crucifiction - of Winnie the Pooh.

Thats right , Winnie the Pooh, nailed to a cross, dripping blood… charming.

I wholeheartedly concur. When I got my tattoo (a ladybug about an inch square on my right shoulderblade), I noticed this tiny girl (could not possibly have been older than 18, but looked 15, about 5’0", 90 lbs) getting two-inch-high Gothic letters announcing “MARCUS” across her shoulders. I know you think you’ll be in love forever, but…

The only time I could see getting a name tattooed is your child’s name. Even then I’m against it, but it makes slightly more sense than a significant others. And getting your own name is just weird.

I knew a guy who had a wrinkled, withered looking rat smoking a cigarette tattooed on his calf. Didn’t understand that.

Re: the OP, I always wondered about people like that. You’d see the chicks in Poison videos with the Poison logo or “I luv Nikki Sixx” tattooed on their arms and think, “Someday this woman is going to be 65 with grandchildren and she will have a lot to explain.” It’s likely, however, that by that time the tattoo will be stretched and wrinkled beyond recognition anyway.

When I was thinking about getting my tattoo, I looked at a number of tatto artists’ portfolios, containing pictures of their previous work. It disgusts me how many little preppie shits got a little “Polo” guy tattooed on their chest, right where it would be if they were wearing a Ralph Lauren shirt. What the hell is the thought process there?

Fraternity and sorority Greek letter tattoos are pretty dumb as well. Let’s face it, when college is over, 99% of you will have nothing to do with the frat ever again; leave it off your damn skin.

Many years ago, I saw this fat, old, biker-lookin’ dude wading into the water at a local beach. He had lots of tats, obviously homemade. The thing that really struck me funny was that he had “sweat” tattooed above one nipple and “sower” above the other. Not only was it a stupid idea, but both words were spelled wrong.

No question, the stupidest tattoo ever was a guy I saw walking through Cedar Point with:

The Noid


I was at the mall a few weeks ago and I saw a guy with a Nike “swoosh” tattooed onto his arm. Getting branded with a corporate logo seems incredibly stupid to me.

My brother, a tatoo artist, has a tatoo of a :slight_smile: on the head of his penis. I have verified this information with his fiance, and, as a matter of fact, he does refer to his appendage as “Mr. Happy”.

How about the word “DUDE” on your back? You could get your friend to get the word “SWEET” on his.

i worked with a girl who got (i guess this is a sorority) the greek letters for AO(pi) across the arch of her foot. but, get this, the “O” was in the form of the fish Flounder, from the Little Mermaid.

also, she had a weight problem and it wasn’t a foot that you really wanted to accentuate. i had to try really hard to force a “yeah, that’s cool” when she showed it to me.

My BF’s friend always jokes about getting eyebrows tattooed over his nipples & a big smile on his belly…

I was walking past a skateboard park, and saw a boarder with a bunch of homemade tatoos. Clearly, this guy and a friend had found a tatoo “pen” and just decided to write stuff over each others backs. It was mostly a bunch of words in sloppy handwriting.

But the one that amused me most was the word SEGA in big letters. I wondered how that would age. It would be like me having ATARI or INTELLIVISION tatooed on my back. (Though Commodore 64 might still have some retro charm).

I saw this about five years ago, and I wonder how the fellow is handling Sega’s decision to get out of the game market.

This one still amazes me:

I saw a biker fellow with a diving eagle tattoed across his back - not that badly made, actually. What made me wonder about his thought processes was that above the eagle was inscribed (in large, gothic letters), “The Owl” (well, “Uglen” in Danish.) Ehm - it must have caught his attention that those two tattoos were ill-placed next to each other, mustn’t it ?

S. Norman

I used to work out with a guy who had the word “SOLID” in approx 3" high gothic letters across his shoulder blades. I mean, the guy was really built, but I didn’t see that the word added anything. And I couldn’t help but wonder how it would look should he (ahem) not age gracefully.

A couple others that I know guys regret are a Playboy bunny head, and a little red devil cartoon, both on these guys’ upper arms.