What is the most bizarre tattoo you've seen?

Last week at work a coworker went to get something for me. Apparently she bent down a bit too far, revealing a cryptic message tattooed over her butt-


That’s a line from a Dylan Thomas poem.

The location is just funny.

Wow. That makes the one I saw yesterday seem so dull and ordinary now. I’ll describe it anyway! It started right above where the good lord split her, covering most of her lower back. She was a sort of a Paris Hilton wannabe, barely wearing an ill-fitting denim mini skirt that looked like it had been savaged by angry porcupines. So it was easy to see the six-, maybe seven-inch tall West Coast Choppers logo tattoo with some sort of short stubby vines growing out of the top that aren’t part of the logo as far as I know. There were words and everything on the logo, really heavy black lines that were sort of blurry.

On either side of the logo was a Taz the Tasmanian devil no more than an inch high. The exact same Taz on both sides, and it was a pose that didn’t lend well to that sort of repetition, either. It was very very odd looking, all things considered.

Not so much bizarre as unintentionally funny: a friend of my sister’s recently got a tribal looking red yellow and black tattoo on her lower back. Unfortunately, the tribal design looks like fire.

She permanently looks like she’s been lighting her farts.

Did ya ever think it might be dank down there? Huh? Did’ja ever?

No, I thought not. You must learn to check these things out fukky before popsting inadequate information.

:eek: :smiley:

Did ya ever think it might be dark down there? Huh? Did’ja ever?

No, I thought not. You must learn to check these things out fully before posting inadequate information.
:eek: :smiley:


Do not attempt literscy on a no sleep night, :mad:

I saw a guy with “BEER” (yep all caps too) on the side of his head.

This probably doesn’t count, since I didn’t see it in person…

While my first boyfriend was getting his tattoo done, his best friend and I sat around looking through tattoo magazines, trying to find ideas for something we might want to get (you know, I have never settled on anything yet… wonder if I ever will?). One of the magazines was an issue dedicated to “funniest tattoos”. I only remember one from the issue, and I will never forget it. It made me laugh until I cried, and my mind still kind of implodes when I try to imagine why someone would get this permanently etched into their skin:

An extremely well-done portrait of a monkey, done with great detail, and even lush green leaves in the background. The monkey is smiling in typical monkey fashion. That’s not the best part. Beneath this gorgeous portrait was a beautiful scroll-type banner, and in a truly lovely and large font was written one word: Mother.

I used to work with a guy that had a string of interconnected skulls in blue “jailhouse” ink.

Slam across his forehead.

“ASSHOLE” in that fancy german writing, on the back of a taxi driver’s neck in NYC. His head was shaved, for ease of reading.

Back in the '80s, I saw a guy with a photorealistic tattoo of JFK Jr. at hs father’s funeral, saluting the coffin.

Mind you, this was in NY, so there is a chance that JFK Jr. himself may have run into this guy at some point: how freaked-out would that make you?

Well, the stupidest I ever heard of is this one. A woman got a casino’s name tattooed on her forehead in large black block letters. For a measly $15,000.

The worst tattoo I can recall seeing in person was a ring-shaped tat around a woman’s bellybutton. Not too bad if you’re young and toned. But I think anyone would be crazy to get a tattoo in an area that is likely to change shape in the future. This person especially should have rethought the placement, as I saw her several months to a year later (I knew her in university) and she was hugely pregnant and the tattoo had kind of stretched and distorted, and although it didn’t completely destroy it, it made it look very odd.

It probably IS distorted now that she’s given birth! When I got my first tattoo (have two), one of the artists warning a girl who was getting something similar on her belly. He said that it would almost certainly distort with weight gain or pregnancy, and there is little that can be done to fix it usually, beyone covering the whole thing with something else.

I have an ex-bf who had SUM 41 tattooed on his leg…he wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box to begin with. To give him credit, he did design his own tattoos and they were well done.

The oddest? Perhaps my uncle, who had Woodstock (the little yellow bird) tattooed on his chest when he was in the army. I think he’s gotten it removed since then.

A few summers ago I got a call from one of my best friends, she was telling me about her new tattoo. A giant dancing pineapple on her ankle positioned so it looks like it is dancing on her foot. I thought she was joking, but there it was. On anybody else it would look stupid, but somehow she pulls it off. :rolleyes:

The best tattoo I have seen would have to go to my brother; he has our family crest stylized on his shoulder blade. I only say it is the best because I can’t think of anything that will have as much, if not more, meaning when he is 80.

I had 2 friends when I was younger who had some pretty funny/bizarre tattoos.

One guy had a strip shaved down the middle of his head, running from front to back. In this strip he had a partially opened zipper tattoo. It was kind of neat because the artist had made it to where there was a bit of skull showing and also a hole in the skull so it looked broken and open to show some of the brain.

The other guy had a tattoo on the inside of his bottom lip. When he grabbed his lip and flipped it outward the tattoo said, “Fuck yeah it hurt!”

I’ve got 4 pretty large tattoos myself, but nothing I would consider bizarre. Of course other people may disagree.

I know a guy with a bullet hole tattoo in the middle of his forehead.

It was done completely in UV sensitive ink. It’s invisible in normal light, and glows quite nicely under a black light.

A couple months ago I saw a guy in WalMart who had a bar code tattooed on his neck.

One of my favorites was the guy with a brick heart on his arm. Over and under it was lettering spelling out: “Break this one bitch”.

Then there was the guy with the Cruxifiction (Jesus and the 2 thieves) on his back. In full color. Set against a sunset.