Saw a cool tattoo at the airport today

I’m too chicken to have a tattoo, but I admire them on others, especially if they’re original.

This one was on a young woman. She was wearing a halter top and the tattoo was on her back, starting at the base of her neck and going down – not sure how far. It looked like laces, as in shoe laces, about two inches wide.

First one I’ve seen like that, but then I live in the boonies and don’t get out much. Is a tattoo like this popular or is this woman an innovator? Seen any other good ones lately?

I only get tattooes that mean something to me. I’ve got my union bug tattoed on my right arm and a memorial tattoo for a very valued teacher on my right shoulderblade. I’ve got a lot of other ones planned, all in places that can be covered up should the situation warrant it.

I love getting tattoes. I know, it sounds weird, but it’s a good kinda hurt. And afterwards it just kinda feels like a sunburn, or maybe like someone drew on you a little too hard.

I haven’t seen that many innovative tattooes, though. Although the one of the lawnmower above the pubic area was interesting.


My son is addicted to tattooing. I hate nearly every one he has. I wish there were some practical way to remove them (which he wouldn’t do anyway cuz he’s…ya know…addicted). The last couple are so fucking stupid, and they’re in horrid, visible spots.

Hubby saw a picture of that tattoo, only it was on a half-bald guy, just at the hairline. Cute. :slight_smile:

The one I saw was on a girl in some tattoo magazine. It was interesting, to say the least.

A friend of the family used to be a tattoo artist, and one girl got a tattoo once of a frog, on her inner thigh - jumping out of her “you-know-where.”


Are you sure her back wasn’t actually laced?

Here are four pictures of what I am talking about. I have never seen it in person but I have seen it in quite a few body mod magazines.

I have a little tattoo of Hervé Villechaize. :wink:

Oh my! But no, she wasn’t laced. We were close enough to tell it was a tattoo. What I don’t know is whether it was a permanent tattoo or something temporary. Oh my again! Lordy, that looks painful! :eek:

Holy shit, melondeca! That was wild!



Those arecorset piercings. The ones in that link won’t heal.

Best tattoo I ever saw: A step-by-step diagram of how to fold a paper airplane, done on a guy’s forearm.

I remember seeing someone who had a fingertips-to-elbow tattoo of all the blood-vessels, muscles, and tendons underneath the skin. It was very well done, and they all lined up with his actual muscles (he had fantastic definition), so it looked like he’d stepped out of Gray’s Anatomy or something.

I’d love a tattoo similar to that, but with more of a “biomechanical” feel, with steel “bones” and wires running through the muscles and veins.

But then I’m really not cut enough to make it look good :slight_smile:

Get over here and clean up my keyboard, it now has diet Coke all over it thanks to you.

I don’t know the other two, but the guy in the middle is Willy Nelson

I can’t believe I forgot about Steve.

We know this guy Steve who’s in my union. He has a really cool tattoo.

It’s on the back of his neck, right under his hairline. A giant red button with the word “reset” underneath it.


I have seen a whole lot of weird tattoos, all of them on people who can no longer explain why they got them.

Hand done ones (amateur, sometimes called “prison tattoos”) can be the weirdest although the font and artwork usually lacks for skill. I am still puzzling over one I saw five years ago. Middle aged lady had hand tattooed in a circle around her belly button: “Sex Is Top Secret.” Hunh? Since when??

Once saw one on the chest of a big, muscular guy of a crescent moon with a little baby cuddled into the inner curve, draped with a soft, flowing curtain, surrounded by little sparkly stars, with a name in script and a birthdate. Aww, you say, how sweet, his son. Nope, it was his own name and birthdate. The reason a big muscular drug selling guy living the gangbanging life would need that on his own chest is beyond my fathoming.

My colleage once got a guy who had hand tattooed on his belly: “Cut Here.” After she quit laughing, she did.

An old favorite: Elmer Fudd on the right butt cheek, pointing his cartoon gun at the anal aperture, saying, “Come out of there, you wascally wabbitt.”

And another favorite on a guy with so many tattoos he had to put this one across the sole of his foot extending onto the inside of his ankle: an erect penis on little spindly legs, chasing after a fleeing vulva on nice feminine legs; motto, “Just One Damn Thing After Another.”

To answer the OP: never seen that one, so maybe it’s really new.

Someone I know has this tattooed right across her back.

I met a girl once who was wearing really low rise pants and a halter top. Peeking out above her pants (basically, right above her pubic bone) was a tattoo of mistletoe.

Thanks for that interesting article. When I first saw those piercings, I had wondered about the chances of rejection.

I’ve seen photos of the back of a guys head, right at the balding hairline, a cartoon guy pushing a mower. I can’t find the picture now, but it’s pretty funny.