Tramp Stamp poll

We all know what they are. We all seem to have experiences with them… How do these tattoos stand up to the stereotype of the usual owner?

I was going to make this a poll, but the choices got out of hand. So just tell us your opinion of them… Do they tell you information about the person wearing it?

If you have one, is it sending the message you want to send? And what is that message?

If your daughter came home with one, how would you feel?

If you are a guy, would you date/marry someone with one, or is this a fling only relationship?

If you are a woman, has it hurt your relationships in any way, and have people misjudged you? Do you regret getting it?
Etc, etc.

I think the one question id like to have people reply to is: given the bad reputation a TS has, why would you ever get one now? Don’t they carry too much baggage, real or imaginary?

If I were a woman, I would not get one in today’s world. The. TS is openly mocked in public, scorned by many women who see them and automatically think “whore” and used by men as a mosquito uses a porch light at night.

One thing I have noticed is that women that get these things almost always have a great body, and they look good right above the bikini panty. So if you are trying to attract a man’s attention on the beach, etc… It works. However, I have never seen a woman who has one that would not have caught my eye without one, either. If I’m on the beach looking at women, I will notice your TS, mainly because I noticed you first.

I hate tattoos, especially publicly visible ones, but they are inescapable these days.

I think the women who got them before they became “tramp stamps” must be pissed.

Anyway though this is the kind of thing people mock in aggregate. An individual woman who has one is probably not going to get that much judgment over it. If she dresses appropriately, then in most settings people won’t know she has one anyway. It’s just a fucking tattoo. I would never get one but only an asshole would seriously judge someone’s character on just that basis.

Hate them and all tattoos.

This. I married a woman who has a lower back tattoo. It doesn’t make her a “tramp.” She’s a successful professional who, amazingly, doesn’t wear clothing that displays her tattoos while working. In fact, I know four women who have lower back tattoos, and not a single one could be accurately characterized that way. It’s an idiotic phrase that only persists because it happens to rhyme.

It doesn’t.

That they like tattoos.

Since the only people who have ever seen it have been lovers, yes it does convey the message that I want. That is, I like this particular tattoo design in that specific place, and I’d like to share it with them. So far, the whopping three people who have seen it, all loved it.

No daughter, but I can’t imagine that I’d have any problem with it as long as she 1) chose something that meant a great deal to her, 2) understood the ramifications of such a decision, and 3) realized that some people have a very negative and narrow-minded view of tattoos in general, “tramp stamps” more so.


No and no.

I got mine before the change in name, but I can’t imagine being influenced over something I had long since desired. It would be a non-issue to me, even if I flaunted it to all and sunder. And no, in my opinion, the people that carry the baggage over it are not anyone I’d want to be involved with anyway. Attitudes towards tattoos are a wonderful litmus test into who I want in my life anyway.

I really can’t imagine being concerned with other womens’ views of my tattoo. As to being openly mocked; does that really happen in real life?

I can’t speak to this one way or another, as I’m past my prime and exceedingly fluffy now. Regardless, I would wager in many cases, women who bear “tramp stamps” didn’t do it to snag a man. But I admit, since I’m no longer part of that demographic, I truly can’t speculate.

Well obviously that is the reason. Something has gone sadly awry if all 4 women that have one are not in fact tramps.

Meh. I’ve seen bad tats on many people, on many body parts. A well-executed piece of art is nice, regardless of where the wearer chose to have it done.

As long as it’s not a bad tattoo, its placement will not make me judge a person.

Unless it’s on the face. That’s just weird.

One day they’ll be known as “old lady tattoos”.

Man, your sample size must be WAY too small. I’ve seen these things on hot women, ugly women, fat women, skinny beanpole women, old women, too young women, etc. etc.

The tat alone does nothing for me.

The issue may be that not only is there a tat at near-ass level but that the clothes some of the women are wearing are revealing it. If you have a lower back tattoo and no one sees it who isn’t already interested in you, you’re not considered a tramp. If your Juicy pink sweatpants are hanging so low we can see your thong, however, your lifestyle choices may well be called into question.

I don’t care for tattoos. And my dislike is directly proportional to the amount of skin tattooed. A small tattoo is OK (though not attractive). An armful of tats is just plain ugly.


To me, a tattoo never enhances the appeal of a person. It’s something extra that never fits, and never goes away. I’m a huge admirer of the female form and skin, and a tramp stamp messes up one of the sweetest, most central areas of attention there. I’d be ready to call a tramp stamp a dealbreaker, on ideological and esthetic grounds.

“Juicy” across your butt, PLUS whale tail, PLUS your tramp stamp? Trifecta Haaawt!


And because we don’t know what else to call one of those tattoos. I don’t like tattoos in general and in particular I don’t like tramp stamps but the OPs generalizations are way over the top. When I see a TS, if I think anything at all it is, “I don’t like that” not “she is a tramp.” Ankle tattoos (“Skankles” is the fun name I’ve heard) I like even less than back tattoos. None of these would stop me from dating someone I liked.

They are huge, and I’m not sure I would ever get such a huge tattoo on my body. And I bear (one) tattoo. As to other women wearing them, well, I don’t know. Trampiness is in behavior more than just a tat, isn’t it? I know for a fact my SO’s Brother in law would freak if his daughter, now six, came home in ten years with one of these…I can’t say it would bother me that much, if she was responsible in other things.

No daughters of my own. If I did have one and she got one, I would hope she was doing it for personal reasons and not just because it looked cool or she jumped on the bandwagon. I thought about a tattoo for many years before I finally got one. It shouldn’t be an overnight thought.

I saw airbrushing tattoos at the Providence Mall last week. We need to have machines more easily accessible that give us airbrushed tattoos so we can try them out and see if we like them, plus wear tattoos for a weekend for a party or something!

I once stuck a fake tattoo on my ankle and you would not believe the reaction I got. “I didn’t know you were THAT kind of person!” was stamped plainly on the face of everyone who commented on it — before I told them it was fake. It was like they were re-evaluating everything they knew about me in that one second.

Of course this was more than 10 years ago; I don’t think people give as much of a hoot about them as they used to.

I get that sometimes with my tattoo. I am not “that type of person”, at least not in people’s eyes.