Tattoos: got 'em? Want 'em? Hate 'em? (read OP before voting please)

So do you have any tattoos? If so, do you like them or regret them? If you don’t have any, do you think you might get one/some later? Or are you totally against them? Poll to follow. Please read all the poll options and check all that apply as it is a multiple-answer poll with different sections.

Don’t have any and never will. I don’t mind if other people have them though.

An arm band or tramp stamp can look kind of cool. Covered head-to-toe looks pretty unappealing.

This is so funny. I just - literally about an hour ago - put down a deposit for my very first (and only) tattoo! I am planning to get a small Om symbol on the inside of my left wrist.

I was talking to my friend about it. I think that like everything else, some tattoos can absolutely be trashy and some don’t have to be. I know lots of people think tattoos = trashy.

They also say “You can’t stop at just one” which is also silly, IMO. I got my nose pierced - I didn’t go on to pierce anything else.

I don’t judge people negatively who have tattoos but I do feel like some effort should be made in a business environment. Like I don’t care if you have a “tramp stamp” but I shouldn’t really be seeing it in the office. I do judge people who have face tattoos, wholeheartedly and unreservedly. That is trashy, IMO.

I don’t have any tattoos and don’t expect that I will ever get one.

I generally don’t care whether people have tatoo’s or not. And I don’t normally attach negative attitudes towards people with tattoos.

However, I think that some young people should figure out who or what they want to be in life before they start putting permanent ink on their bodies, especially in very visible areas. In most careers you are marketing something, and in most jobs it is yourself or your ideas that you are marketing. In some lines of work, having a full sleeve tattoo wouldn’t make a difference, but in a lot of jobs, that style of body art, is going to detract from your ability to effectively market yourself or your ideas, as it will be distracting.

I got my tattoo 14 years ago and I still love it. I still love the design and love the placement. It’s not tiny or hidden either - 4"x2" and on the inside of my shin.

I don’t mind seeing them on others at all. My friend has a real pretty one on her shoulder and I like seeing it when she wears a cami. My roomie is pretty head-to-toe and he looks good. Except for the big “sXe” (straight edge) he got in high school, before he became addicted to drugs and sex. heh

I would like to have more but I don’t have many spots on my body that wouldn’t be affected by weight gain/loss. It’s hard for fat people :slight_smile:

After we’d been married a while, my wife got a tattoo on her leg that was the kanji symbols for “sun” and “moon.” Several years later, after wanting a tattoo for a while but not having been sure of what I wanted, I figured that it would be a cool tribute to her and to us as a couple to have a matching tattoo. So I had the same characters done on my upper arm. My very first (and, so far, only) tattoo.

She was dismayed when she saw it. She reminded me that the symbols had nothing to do with us as a couple, but more her own attitude toward life. I had some regret then, but she ended up adding to her own tattoo, incorporating it into a much larger design. I was bothered and a bit hurt that she had no interest in us having matching designs, but I decided that even if it wasn’t her meaning, MY tattoo would symbolize our relationship for me.

Of course, I discovered a much truer regret when our marriage ended.

Still, it’s been over a year and a half since we split up, and I haven’t done anything about it yet. Ultimately, I’d like to incorporate it into a larger design, but I haven’t figured out anything meaningful enough to me yet to do so. And in the meantime, as much as I feared it might be, it has not become a painful reminder of the relationship for me. It’s just marks on my arm. I rarely think about it.

Besides, jsgoddess finds it funny to point out that to her, the tattoo looks like a ladderback chair. So, it still serves a purpose for someone. :slight_smile:

I am usually interested by other people’s tattoos. Some look stupid and some look really cool, but I would not say that I judge people negatively just for having a tattoo. I might judge them for having a stupid-looking tattoo, though. (For the record, I checked both poll options “I generally don’t care if a person has tattoos” and “I like seeing tattoos on other people” as I felt both were accurate.)

If I ever run a marathon, I plan to get a small tattoo of some sort commemorating this achievement.

How bout “I have tattoos and plan on getting more”?

I checked “I have a lot of tattoos” and “I don’t regret any of them”. I generally don’t care if anyone else has tattoos, but I like to see them (both the good ones and the hilariously bad ones).

I checked “I don’t regret any of them” but also that I have had one covered. It was my only noncustom piece, a small kanji letter I got in the 90s. Since having it covered, I no longer have any that I regret.

I have two right now, thinking about another and definitely planning others for the future. I’ve never regretted any of them. I also voted that I generally don’t care if someone else has one. If it looks good, I think that’s cool, but I don’t feel more favorably disposed to someone with a crappy tattoo just because I have some myself.

At a brief glimpse, tattoos look to me like dirt, or a bug, or a wound. But then I look closer and see it’s some words, or a drawing, which somehow doesn’t improve on that first impression.

I know some wonderful people who have tattoos, so I don’t classify all tattooed people as trash. I simply think tattoos are hideous.

I don’t care enough to judge a person unless they have an especially stupid or hideous tattoo, but even so, tattoos in general look to me like someone was doodled on with a bunch of Sharpies.

I don’t have any tattoos but who knows about the future?
I don’t have any tattoos and never will get one

I checked both of those because I don’t have any, but have no objections to them, but I’m old and it seems stupid this late in life. I know a lot of people with tattoos. They can look stupid, which would be my only objection to any particular ones (and the same objection I would have to any non- or semi-permanent decoration which looks stupid).

BTW: What makes people stupid enough to get a tattoo of someone’s name when either parties high water mark for a relationship is about 6 weeks?

my brother in law has a wing on his ankle with 26.2 worked into the design. It’s done in blue and green and looks quite cool.

I picked “who knows about the future?” because if I ever found a design I really liked I might go for it and “don’t mind them on other people.” In fact if someone has a really colorful and elaborate sleeve or back piece I’ve sometimes asked if I can have a closer look, and they’re usually happy to show it off.

I don’t have any tattoos and can’t imagine I ever will. Picked only that option in the poll.

I don’t judge people negatively for having tattoos - most people I know have at least one. It’s their prerogative. And I don’t hate all tattoos - some are nice pictures, and many are very meaningful for the person who gets them.

I do however think it looks silly and ugly to have pictures, patterns, or words permanently displayed on your skin, no matter the quality of the artwork. I prefer any sexual partner I might have to not be tattooed. And I think tattoos in some areas, like the face or neck, look particularly awful and are a poor decision.

I picked:

  • I don’t have any tattoos and never will get one.
  • I judge people negatively if they have tattoos.

I don’t hate tattoos, and I certainly don’t hate people who have gotten tattoos, but a tattoo on a person gives me another bit of information about that person, and it’s not flattering.

I don’t have tattoos and in general don’t like them, but hey, it’s your body. Anyway, some of my best friends have tattoos. Some have lots of them.

I do think tattoos make a person look dirty/smudgy, and nowadays having one seems to me a sheeplike thing to do. But again, be my guest and get a tattoo. I don’t get why people do it, but again, it’s your body.

I don’t have any tattoos, and will never get one. I just don’t see the point in getting one.

But though I don’t have any, I am somewhat fascinated by them. But not by tattoos themselves; I am more fascinated by the people that get them. When I see a tattoo I often ask myself, “Gosh, I wonder why he/she got that? I wonder if they will regret it?” I am most fascinated by neck and facial tattoos, wherein I’ll ask myself, “What in the hell were they thinking? What a dumbass. Don’t they care about getting a good job in the future?”

I don’t have any tattoos and never planned on getting one. However, late last year I won a $100 gift certificate for a local tattoo parlor. I probably won’t use it, but I might. I try not to judge people based on them having tattoos, but I do. Some tattoos on some people look cool, but I think that by and large, they look tacky.