Do these Sex site actors participants get paid?

Since we constantly get these unsolicited emails from all these XXX sex site and they don’t really care what address they send then to, are these actors/participants actually paid or do they just do it for the fun. It’s kind of tongue in cheek, no pun intended but they are really becoming a nuisance and the servers never seem do do anything when you report them. Does anyone know anything anout the topic.
Mine is more of an education site which I think there are more of these needed.

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If it’s a paid sex site, the people involved are usually paid.

I bet the woman get paid, Im not sure about the men. I thought getting paid for sex in the USA is illegal?

Also, if you don’t want to get xxx emails, get an email reader that has a filter so you can filter them out.

If that were true, there’d be no porn industry in the US. Getting paid by the person you have sex with is illegal.

Um, not to be overly technical, but “getting paid for sex” (i.e., being a prostitute) is not universally illegal in the U.S.; though it’s illegal in most places, it is legal (though strictly regulated) in Nevada.

Btw, “strictly regulated” in Nevada means, among other things, “Illegal in any county with a city population 50k or more.”

It used to be the Chicken Ranch would send a small plane to Las Vegas to pick you up and fly you out to Pahrump, but they have fallen on hard times and now can only afford to send a limo for that 160-mile round trip.

And how DO you know that, Nick? :wink:


      • I am half a country away, but still curious: what does a night, or an hour or fifteen minutes or whatever at the Chicken Ranch cost these days? - MC

That is precisely one of my questions? Does anyone know what these people get paid from the ones in Nevada to the people that have sex on the internet in these sex rooms.
I’m not really concerned for myself when I receive these letters inviting me to these sex sites since I just delete them but I truly think they can be a bother to people who have children.

And just a tip that when you do visit one of these sites the “cookie” you drop seems to open the floodgates as far as receiving mail from these sites.

My main question is does anyone know how much they pay them, $100 an hour, $500 or does it depend on how much revenue they create ?

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A cookie can’t get any personal infomation about you. A cookie is only information placed on your browser by the site to be retreived later. They don’t get any information that they they didn’t send out in the first place.

I have never gotten more than a few spam messages a month on any account other than an AOL account. Of course on AOL it is easier for spammers because they can figure out e-mail addresses based on screen names used in public areas such as chatrooms, message boards and profiles.

I don’t have any firsthand info to back this up, but my understanding of the business works like this.

There are a variety of ways to get porn online. At the ground floor there are your basic exhibitionist, and vouyers who post their pictures (of themselves) on the public domain in buletin boards, pic post sites and any other place that allows it. These people do it for free and just for the thrill of it. Next on the ladder is the small private websites. People who get some web spece and take pictures of themselves and a bunch of their friends and post them online. They also do it for the thrill of it, but the figure theres money to be made so they put banners on their page to bring in some money and pay for their web space. The next rung are those private websites that have monthly fees. They generally are still people who are into the thrill of it, but have gotten enough publicity or word of mouth to get people really hooked on their site. They generaly put in more time, have live web cams, and actualy do live chats and video feeds with their customers. There is alot more personal interaction here and the differences are that they don’t want to be an annoymous face online, they want to get you hooked on them. The biggest fish is the big pay sites where its a company that pays the models to pose for them and they usually run every type of operation in the business, live chats, video, pic, and even field requests. Then a different fish is those who simply browse all the available free sites and download anything they can get their hands on and post it on their own site. Things get blurry with these types and they frequently are hacking and stealing pics rom the less proficient webmasters and taking things that aren’t on the public domain.

As for where the money comes in. Well the amatures who just post for fun don’t get any money, but someone who takes their pics will usually put it on their website and make some cash. The small private websites are usually set up by the stripper and her photographer and they make money online like anyone else, from banner clicks and selling home movies, panties and anything else. The bigger private sites that have monthly fees obviously get their money from that, they usually have a couple of webmasters, and a lot of different models who either work directly for that site, or they bring a bunch of indepentant private sites together. The girls get paid out of a pool of cash from fees, and the occasionally have some banners to supplement their income. Finally the big pay sites usually use only pictures of their models who get paid to pose as if they were in playboy or penthouse. They have lots more models, more pics and more bandwidth so they can charge lots more per month. They also are the ones who put banners on the little sites and are smart enough to find ways to innudate your email, and flood your screen with pop ups. They only need one out of every thousand people to sign up and they make their money back. Also those pirates who pool as many free pics they can get usually get all their money from banners, and don’t pay the models anything.

Basically the webmaster controls how much money the models get (they’re usually the guys in most smaller sites too). If he’s good and makes certain that no one can hack in and steal the pics, then the girl can make some good money, and he can trace which models pics bring in the most clicks and fees, and likely pays the girls based on productivity. He also can put good banners on good sites to advertise. I’m sure that most of the small sites are working wifes and computer geeks who simply use the money as household income to suppliment their real jobs. Occasionally these sites will get popular enough to get bought up by the big pay sites and like any other business they can make some serious cash this way.

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Uh… ah… well um… Let’s just say I “went along for the ride.”

The printed menu at the Chicken Ranch did not/does not (I’m not sure if it’s still in business, my visit there was lo, 13 years ago) have prices on it, you have to ask. I’m pretty sure they “size you up” (gawd the temptation to abuse these phrases is overwhelming) and charge what they think the traffic will bear.

Without going into a lot of graphic detail (which the menu certainly does) I’ll tell you a “combo,” which would consist of the two acts considered by many American males to be “musts” cost $300.00 back then. Of course, you can get quite extravagant with a
“two girl party” and things like that, and the bill could amount to a couple grand or more, depending on what kinks/accoutrements are involved. Those negotiations are undertaken with the madam, a dear, sweet lady who has excellent taste in red velvet draperies and couches and the like.

When I first walked in I exclaimed “This place looks like a whorehouse!” which brought forth peals of hearty laughter and much merriment amongst the girls.

I have a sneaky suspicion that many of the smaller porn sites aren’t built of photos taken for the site by “thrill seekers” but are rather pictures taken during parties, by 3rd parties during sex and “Let’s make a photo record of our love” types that all wind up scanned and mailed around. Eventually, people right-click-save enough pics and make their own sites of recycled goods. None of which answers the question of whether or not the young lass doing things you know your mother never did on the webcam is getting paid. I’d assume so, but I’m not in the porn business.

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I have earthlink, and never get spammed. Should I change my ISP? :slight_smile:

Here you go–everything you’ve always wanted to know about the Chicken Ranch.

Jophiel wrote:

Well, my mother had to do that at least once, otherwise I would never have gotten born.

Sure they get paid. Who would want to give up their dignity for nothing?

MOre to the point are xxxwebsite owners who lie about how much they make. $1M a year? haha no.

Undead Dude:

Does that mean that I can pay a hooker to have sex with my friend, say, as a birthday present? And it wouldn’t be illegal outside Nevada?

Somehow, I can’t believe this is true. I think that the fact that the sex is filmed or photographed turns it into a first amendment issue of freedom of expression, and that’s why actors can legally get paid for getting laid.

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OK, howzabout those “animal” sites? If I could, I would ask these women why they do what they do TO what they do. Do they actually enjoy it? Or is it one of those “Yeah, I’ll do that to a horse if you pay me enough” things? I’ve noticed that probably every fetish you can think of (and a few you haven’t) have a website or part of a webite dedicated to it. I can understand most, but the whole animal thing goes a little beyond me. Also, in the banners for these sites, you never see guys (not that I’m complaining!)

Most of the animal stuff is old, reprinted again & again. If you look closely, the women do look a bit druggie-type-ish. Probably do just about anything for money for drugs.