Do they make a USB memory drive that takes SD cards?

OK, I have a 1 gig SD card. It cost almost as much as a normal USB flash drive. I would like to be able to use it as such (right now, it’s just used to transfer stuff to my PDA.)

So, is there a company that makes a “blank” (for lack of a better term) USB drive? By that, I mean a flash drive that has no internal memory of its own, just an interface for and SD card. I would love to be able to take a flash drive here, there, and everywhere, but don’t want to stend anothrt $80 for a gig of memory if I already have a gig of memory sittin’ right there on my desk (well, two gigs if you count my iPod shuffle, but that’s 90% full of music, so can’t use that.)

Any SD card reader will function like you’re looking for. Obviously the smaller, the better.

Like this?

Of course there is. All-in-one card readers are very cheap too (like $10 - $15). Here is one. There are lots of others. Search

For your purposes I would stay away from the all-in-one, since they are pretty bulky for a pocket drive.

Bingo. For some reason, my mind blanked on a card reader, probably because I have a bulky all in one unit that has a long cord. But that one is the perfect size. Now, to find one that has a key ring attachement…

You might try this one and hey is only $5 plus $5 shipping.

oh wait, here’s another one.

Argh! I have been searching non-stop, and none have a key ring attachement, which is tolerable, but pretty much all the reviews on the ones I think look good/by a reputable company, have people mentioning the caps are crap. Why can’t these manufactorers make all USB caps like the one on the iPod Shuffle? Stays in place PERFECTLY.

For an expensive and superbulky solution, why not use an SD card-equipped digital camera?

That defeats the whole purpose of having a small, very portable, storage solution.