Do they make Mr. Pibb anymore?

Hello Everyone,
Shopping recently at Wally World and Publix I noticed that I don’t see Mr. Pibb on the shelves there. Come to think of it I can’t regiment the last time I saw it or even an advertisement for it. I recall as a kid I liked it better than Dr. Pepper and would like to have some again for old times. Do they still make it?

It’s still out there (it’s made by Coca Cola to compete with Dr. Pepper), although I think they’ve changed the name yet again — now it’s Pibb Xtra in most markets.

FWIW, I’m a Pepper. And that’s worth a lot!

They still sell it but I hardly ever see it in Wal-Mart, H-E-B, etc. Can usually find it in gas stations and Chipotle and a few other restaurants serve it.

I’ve heard that this can depend on who the distributor is in your local area. If it’s Pepsi, you might see Mr. Pibb in your area, but if it’s Coke, you won’t. No cite, sorry.

The only place I see it now is gas station soda fountains that only have Coke products. Never was a fan, myself. Dr. Pepper and its brethren taste like medicine to me.

Count me in!


There was an entire episode of American Dad revolving around Mr. Pibb being discontinued.

I’m surprised to see they still apparently sell it in some areas though?

The sandwich shop in the building I work in has Pibb Xtra on their fountain.

I’ve only had it at fast food places but I can’t say when or where.

In Michigan, it is sold at Meijer and is available at some fast food places. I know Sam’s Club, which obviously is not fast food, sells it at their little cafe area.

In some areas, Coke did a deal with Dr. Pepper. Coke makes more money by bottling and canning Dr. Pepper than than do selling their own product.

Dr. Pepper and Coca Cola were both originally Victorian patent medicines.

Takes a lot of Moxie to ask a question like that.

Since this is mainly about soft drinks, let’s go to Cafe Society from GQ.

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Huh, can’t say I remember seeing it at Meijers, but that’s not where I usually buy pop. I’ll have to look for it next time I’m in their grocery half.

Sam’s, well the cafe area has it as a fountain drink, right? That’s not that odd, there are many places that have it as a fountain drink. Not ubiquitous, but enough that it’s not like the canned/bottled varieties which might as well not exist.

Lots of places have their own generic version of Dr Pepper/Mr Pibb though, like Dr K at Krogers, etc.

BTW, is there supposed to be a period in Mr[.] Pibb or is it like Dr Pepper and period free (I know it’s now Pibb Xtra, but I mean back before the change)?

I believe PibbXtra is one of the soda choices at Wendy’s.

They called him Mr. Pibb, or (periodically) Mr. PIBB. Originally, he went by Peppo, but Dr Pepper sued for trademark infringement.

12 packs of 12 oz cans only, but it is there.

Although I don’t care about Mr. Pibb, I do like it. However, hoping one of you knowledgable Mr. Pibb fans can tell me if Schwepps Bitter Lemon is still being made anywhere. I used to love that stuff.

That’s not right, because Mr. Pibb is a Coke product. Some Coke bottlers will work with Dr Pepper, also.

Unsurprisingly, Mr. Pibb is quite easy to find in the state of Georgia.