Do they make power strips for car (lighter) sockets?

Do they make power strips that can accomodate many regular 2 prong plugs from normal household devices in cars? Or is there not enough power coming through the socket?

If so, what are the devices called, and how much do they cost?

      • These devices are called invertors. You need a 12-to-120 volt invertor, with as many watts as you need to run whatever-it-is. Small-wattage ones are available pretty cheap (I found a 140W for $35), larger-wattage ones are very not cheap, and besides the purchase price, then the maximum current output of your vehicle’s electrical system comes into play. - DougC

It’s called an inverter, for converting your car’s 12V DC output to AC. You can find them at any computer store such as CompUSA or Micro Center. Just as an example, this is the first hit from a Google search of “laptop power inverter car” (the second hit was a discussion on problems associated with inverters – I didn’t read them, but you may want to).

almost everyone sells power inverters these days. Look at the following places:

auto parts stores
car stereo stores
BJ’s/Costco/Sam’s wholesale clubs

      • Well nuts. Your info includes no location… so I guess I should have said “you need an invertor that will convert 12 volts to whatever the local standard is”. In the US, it’s 110~115~120 volts. - DougC