Do they make these type of eyeglasses? (clear lens on top, "reader" lens on bottom)

If so, what are they called?

To be clear, I need glasses for reading and computing, but (no longer) need them for distance.

I have to believe someone makes a bifocal or progressive lens that is just clear glass on the top for distance and “prescription” on the bottom portion of the lens for close-up work.

Or maybe I just invented a product and I’m Shark Tank bound?


Why wouldn’t they?

Many of us, and especially those of us who have had cataract surgery, need no correction for distance. I have a pair of half spectacles somewhere which I bought as a possible solution but abandoned them as impractical (for me).

My solution is cheap reading glasses (£3/4 a pair) which I regard as almost disposable. I have a pair in the car, in the bedroom and the ones I am currently wearing will go in my shirt pocket when I get up.

Way back in my youth (1960’s), I had the opposite, plain glass on the bottom, correction for distance(couldn’t see the blackboard in school).
I don’t see why it should be a problem.

Any optometry shop can hook you up with these glasses. Or as someone else mentioned, buy drug store reading glasses.
I have 2 or 3 cheap (not dollar store cheap) drug store glasses and 1 pair of prescription for reading. I like to read in bed and keep the good (prescription) glasses bedside, but drug store is generally good enough unless your eyes differ a lot. I never had success with progressive lenses when I had them, but like you, no longer require them for distance.

Here’s another option to consider:
Optix 2020
Buy to strength you need for reading, and apply to any pair of glasses. I’ve had cataract surgery years ago and use these on my shooting glasses.

I’ve also put some on the upper edge of glasses so I can work overhead without having to tip my head way back while on a ladder.

Yes, those are exactly the glasses I have. I didn’t want “readers” sitting halfway down my nose. Mine are progressive bifocals, but there is no correction in the top portion. Not sure why you think this is odd or undoable (or, frankly, a new idea).

My ophthalmologist wrote the prescription this way, and the optical shop made them.

I don’t think it’s odd, I just can’t find them online. In part, I think, because I don’t know what to call them.

Since you can buy cheap readers, I would have thought you can buy cheap “bottom readers”, but I sure cannot find them.

(Full readers do not do what I want them to do; that is, leave them on my face for both close and distance).

Sorry if the OP wasn’t clear (heh).


OK, it seems I found what I’m looking for.

Apparently they are called clear bifocals.


Sorry, I didn’t realize you weren’t working with an eye doctor. Good find!

I have progressive bifocals. They are clear on the top. Absolutely essential at work where I am expected to drive with a computer next to me dispatching me to calls. I got tired of wearing my readers down at the tip of my nose.

To add an option, I had progressives with correction for reading on the bottom, not much of anything in the middle, and a little correction for one eye on the top.

You can get them on Amazon

To answer the OP: yes, they can make such glasses. The optometrist specs that part with clear glass. In the lab, it’s just another lens blank from the tray with all the others.

I think the RX would read “Bal” for the distance viewing, meanang to balance the overall weight of the lenses without adding any refraction.

I have funky bifocals, instead of the reader part all the way at the bottom, it is in the middle, with a thin strip of distance at top and bottom [because the jig that they use for grinding makes a fixed size half moon, I wanted my close in the middle so I have a half moon in the midpoint of my lenses]

This way I can see ALL of my laptop, and can just flick my eyes up to watch TV … because the normal sized half moon grind otherwise would let me see only the screen or only the keyboard if left at the normal base of the lens.

Like this ?

Bifocal reading glasses lenses have 2 parts for your convenience. The top part is just a clear lens and the bottom part has the reading glasses magnification.

Pyramex V2 Readers, safety-rated, wraparound with bottom sections rated +1.5, 2 & 3, and available in amber (for computer eye fatigue) outdoor smoke and indoor/outdoor mirrored.

Be careful with the Amazon glasses. I ordered a pair of progrssive bifocals (with no prescription in the top half) for my wife and a pair for myself from a completely different brand. Both of them had incredibly bad optical quality - worse than the cheap $5 readers you can get at the drug store. They were around $30/pair.

Check the reviews carefully.

Yeah, apparently some of them are constructed as normal, clear plastic with a very visible rectangular sticker applied to the bottom of each lens to create the reader magnification.

Looks like crap.

(zoom in on these to see what I’m talking about)


The user comments say it’s not a sticker on these, but actual lenses.