Do they sensor Jerry Springer Show in the US?

In South Africa we get episodes of the Jerry Springer show…When it airs here it shows the usual warning about it not beign suitable for younger audiences and parental blah blah,

Anyway…after all that they BLEEP out the swear words making it bleep impossible to bleep understand most of whats bleep goin on!

Oh and they blur out the nudity as well…My question is do they do this all over the world…because I heard in the US they air it like it is…without the bleeping bleeps.

In the U.S. the bleeps and the blurs are intact. I can’t speak for the rest of the world.

Bleeps and blurs intact here (UK) even though swear words (nearly all of them, if not all) and nudity are common appearances on tv here after 9pm. Jerry Springer usually airs earlier than that, but even episodes after nine are bleeped and blurred. Maybe it’s exported that way?

Incidentally I’ve seen the video (“Too Hot for TV”) and it is uncensored, as advertised.

VarlosZ writes:

> In the U.S. the bleeps and the blurs are intact.

It occurs to me that this sentence is ambiguous. He could mean either that, yes, the bleeps and blurs are there in the U.S. version, or, no, the show is intact (i.e., not bleeped and blurred) in the U.S. In any case, the answer is that the bleeps and blurs are there. The show couldn’t be shown on broadcast TV in the U.S. unless it was censored.

The bleeps are definately here in the US. I heard a rumor that the editors bleep over perfectly normal conversation, just to make it sound like their cussin’ more. I can’t prove it though.

As Nimue says, here in the UK the shows as aired are censored for language and nudity. The broadcaster has no choice since the tapes of the show are sold in their censored form. There is a separate market for retailed videotapes which are uncensored, and these are available off-the-shelf in both the US and UK.

They’re bleeping and blocking them in The Netherlands, so I think it’s fair to say this is the way the tapes are exported. It’s not like we have a problem with the odd breast here and there on TV, and cursing isn’t a big deal either.

I’ve seen those “Too Hot For TV” taped at my video store here as well. I’m asuming those are the uncensored ones, although I’ve never had the urge to actually rent one.

One more data point supporting pre-export censorship: the bleeps are still in place in the Japanese version of the show. Other foreign shows or video clips broadcast here in English are left without any censoring (why bleep what 99% of the population won’t understand, and 99.8% won’t be offended by?)

Yes, they show Springer here too. Fortunately, it’s only on once a week at 2am. The only good thing I can say about the show is that it cured my girlfriend of her infatuation will all things American.


Of course, I heard Springer himself admit on an interview that they sometimes add bleeps even when there’s no bad language, just to make things more interesting. Nice.