Do they still hang the President's pic in the Post Office?

I could see Joyboy wanting to resist having Biden displayed. There was a California teacher removed (but not fired) from the classroom for preaching CFSG was still pres. Any student that question her could be taken to the P.O. and shown the portrait as proof, not unlike the bags of mail addressed to Santa in that movie.

Do they hang the president’s picture in the PO? No. Visit any PO and you will know that.

It’s specifically against USPS rules to display pictures of incumbent or former presidents, vice presidents, or postmasters on post office property, although there are cases where local POs were unaware of or ignored the rule. When Trump was President, a GOP bill was proposed to change the rule. Oddly, those efforts stopped when Biden became President.

Uh, if my P.O. didn’t hang it, it wouldn’t be much of a representative sample, would it? My P.O. could be an outlier.

I’m wondering when that practice was actually a thing. There are so many movies where Hitler’s portrait is on the wall in every interior scene set in WWII Germany that the practice is likely distasteful to all but the most fascistic Americans.

I honestly thought it was a thing. I rarely visit the Post Office.

Does the Post Office still post the FBI’s most wanted list pictures?

A few careers ago, I worked closely with the Department of Housing and Urban Affairs, and am still friendly with a lot of my contacts. I can say that the President, Vice President and Secretary of HUD have pictures in the lobby of the local branch, and are swapped out on Inauguration Day. My guess is that other federal offices are similar.

If the previous incumbent were to be indicted, and take it on the lam, and make onto the most wanted list, could they hang his picture in the Post Office then?

I can dream.

Certainly just about every DOD facility I have ever been in has a POTUS picture in the lobby as part of the Chain of Command for the installation.

Yeah…at least until Trump is on it. That would be against the rules.

Yeah, well, I’m quite sure the FBI knows where he is 24/7.

Probably was the case when the Post Office was an actual part of the Cabinet (changed to the current pseudo-state corporation in 1970) Usually the POTUS pic shows up, if at all, at the office of agencies that have a direct chain-of-command to him.


Sorry, what I should have said was TFG.

An acronym of an insulting name for Trump; it was used here fairly frequently during his presidency:

Cheeto-Faced ShitGibbon

I’m always open to newer, more descriptive acronyms.

British POs don’t generally have a picture of the Queen on display. Of course, you can easily buy one for the price of a stamp.

Same with federal courthouses.