Do They Still Sell Over The Shoe Rain Boots For Men?

When I was young I recall they used to advertise boots that you could fold up and wear over your shoes when it rained or snowed. I think they were made by Totes.

I looked online and I can see products sold such as this

Of course being online you can’t tell anything about the quality or size.

I went to K-Mart, Walmart, Target, Kohls, Sears, JC Pennys and no one sells anything even remotely similar. In fact none of those stores even had over the shoe boots at all. At least in the men’s department.

So I was just wondering do they still sell them in stores? As my link shows you can get them online, but I never trust shoes over the Internet.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them in dept stores. They usually hang around the shoe accessories stuff like shoe polish and shoe laces.

I think the reason they are not nearly as popular as they used to be is that many footwear manufs make good looking, synthetic soled semi-water repellent dress style shoes (ie Rockports and similar) most men can get away with wearing instead of their classic leather soled dress oxfords on rainy days.

The work places that would require you to wear a full blown, leather soled executive quality dress shoe even on rainy days are relatively few these days. Beyond this it would make more sense in most cases to keep a second pair of weather proof shoes at the office for rain walking vs getting little rubber condoms for your good shoes.

Try Googling “Tingley work rubbers”…yeah, I know, lol.
This is the brand of overshoes almost every letter carrier uses. They wear well, aren’t too uncomfortable, and make a big difference in your attitude on a rainy day!

Yes they sell them in stores. I hardly ever see any in stores but I do see them. Look for for the term rubbers also. Try a store that sells shoes and farm supplies.

Fleet Farm

You may want to try your local shoemaker shop/shoe repair joint.

These are my favorite: