Do threads ever get removed?

On Saturday AM I thought I saw a thread in IMHO about something about sex practices and later in the day it wasn’t there. I don’t think I imagined this, but I could have, since I do go to other websites once in a while and could well have misremembered where I read what.

So, specifically, did that happen? And in general would it happen and when? I’m imagining that if someone starts a thread with a blatant link to a porn site it might get eliminated.

Threads get removed when they are spam, obvious trolling or started by sock puppets–mostly individual who have previously been banned, or are trying to circumvent the subscription system. The latter are removed to deny the sock any benefit from his illicitly-started thread.

It was, in our opinion, a returning poster who was trolling. We disappeared it.

Questions of this nature are generally answered best by emailing a moderator/Administrator.