Do today's NYT puzzle

This Thursday puzzle’s going to spawn a whole lot of imitators, so you might as well
get in on the ground floor and solve it. By Patrick Bindauer.

(I resisted the temptation to get cute - which would give it away.)

I’ll make sure to pick it up and give it a go.

Thanks for the heads up. I usually don’t get Thursday’s times.

Very fun! A bunch of nice clues – and a nice theme that I’ve never seen before.

I give it two snaps up.

One word of caution to those who don’t normally to the NYT CW: By Thursday, you need at least an hour and 20 minutes to finish.

On preview, I just checked the Times website, online puzzlers:#1 Finished in 57 minutes,
#5 Finished in 1:45, and
#10 Took 2:49

Heh. I was bothered that it took me 15 minutes.

Of course, I had to stop and talk to someone for a few minutes in the middle of it.


36 - and I was #251 on the “Play against the clock” site when I finished.

But then, I cheat on Thursdays.
I liked the “Preschoolers?” clue.

I already admitted it takes me over an hour on Thursday. Fridays drive me insane & Saturday’s I don’t even bother. But nfter today’s puzzle, I feel even more stupidZ P V C S P L F U I F D P E F
This is a simple cipher? Shift which letter where?

Please check your email. I’m not very good at spoliers.


Neither one of us would have done too well at Bletchley Park in WWII.

Nevertheless, you might want to try The Code Book, by Simon Singh. Hell of a read!

I’m good at spoilers.

One letter back.

What I’m not good at is having the newspaper handy. Is this puzzle available on line?

As far as I know, you have to suscribe to the NYT puzzle service. And that’s like $35/year.

But I understand there are ways…

Never mind, then, I guess.

Try checking you email.

what number puzzle are you talking about? The one I have reprinted in the SD Union Tribune says it is for 7/22/05, #0609

Yesterday’s; No. 0721. (The Union runs them a month and a half late???)

As far as I know, the NYT doesn’t number its puzzles - in the Times itself.

Look at 1 Across in your puzzle. The clue in the puzzle we’re talking about is is: Car that made its debut at the 1964 New York’s World Fair

And the clue for 38 Across is: See 19- and 58- Across

Clear? :dubious:

Actually, they do, E honey – look right below the bottom right-hand corner of the diagram.


Hmmm, but it was worth the embarrassment to get and “E honey” :slight_smile:

Anyone want to spoilerbox the theme for those us unlikely to get the paper or online version?



See Kaylasdad post with spoilers.

Oh Lord, please make mine work.

[spoiler]Read the second line in his first spoiler. That’s the theme. Solve the line above it. That’s the McGuffin, or whatever the hell.[\spoiler]