Do traces of ejaculant mess up a pee analyss at the doctor?

Sort of wondered. Residual guilt, I guess, of my guilty and repellant sin being found out, as well as the true belief in the subject topic.

Anyone know the answer?

I recall having some morning nookie on the day of a doctor’s visit once, and then, while filling up the pee cup, wondering the same thing. The tests all came back fine, though. Hopefully, your mileage won’t vary.

Don’t they test for protein? Does ejaculate contain protein?

Any time I’ve seen instructions on how to give a urine sample, it says to start peeing, stop the flow and then fill the cup. I suspect it’s to clear out impurities before you take the sample.


True story but when I went for my high school junior year physical they told my ma that my urine sample tested high for protein content and they were concerned about kidney problems/infection. Blood tests were fine, though.

10 days later I took another urine test and everything is find.

I guess we’ll never know if the hand-job i got from my girlfriend about 3 hours before the first test had anything to do with it.

Time to stick it to GNC. No more purchasing protein supplements for me.

My friend also tested high for protein and was back to normal a few days later. They told him exercise can cause this.

Well, so it does mess up a pee test; these reports say that you had to come in (heh) for a second test.

IANAD, but high protein levels can indicate a compromised kidney.

Sorry, now see pkbites mentioned the kidney.