Do user names expire?

Are registered user names ever deleted after long periods of inactivity? I was just wondering what happens to the names chosen by people who register, post once or twice, then lose interest and never come back.


So far, no, we haven’t done so. I don’t know if we ever will, either.

Actually, Lynn has forgotton about the great UBB to vBulletin software switch, the talk of the forum when I signed up, first week of May 2000.

A lot of names became converted to “guest”, and people had to re-apply to get their names back.

Some never did, so those are “available” to those newbies who coincidentally pick the same name.
Not apt to happen unless it’s of the generic Joe B variety.

Oh, yeah, I’d forgotten about those. I’d wondered what the “guest” classification meant. Now I know. Thank you.


The “guest” designation just applies to the posts, not the members. The memebrship database was transfered over entire, and if a few folks had to re-register, that was a fluke. Think about it: We’ve still got folks with 1999 (or earlier) registration dates.

Help! How do I change my name?

You can do this yourself. Get the book from the library:

Most important - don’t forget to rehearse your witness. The must state they’ve known you a full year. You don’t want them trying to calculate the date while they are on the stand.

And after you do that, you’ll want to email TubaDiva or Lynn Bodoni, who can change your username to match :wink:

Thanks a lot for the help. You’ve got quite a sense of humor. I guess we’ll just never mind about the USER name change, then.

lacklustery, I think a little bit of tshirts humor must have slipped over your head. It’s as simple as an email to TubaDivaDarlin or LovelyLynnBodoni and tell them what you want to do.

They are the sweetest people you’ll find and will be happy to take care of your problem.