When I log in...

after my guest subscription has ended do I still have the chance to subscribe? For example if I log in the day after my guest runs out will I still be able to sign up, or will I have to create a new account?

And if/when I sign up, as in cough up cash, can I then have my username changed?

Thank you for help :smiley:

Welcome! Hope you enjoy us enough to stick around.

There’s only one membership (username) per person – otherwise you’re a sock, which isn’t good.

If your guest membership expires before you finish searching the sofa for the $15, sign back in under that name, make the payment, and then email TubaDiva to request a name change. (You may want to provide a couple of alternatives in case your first choice is taken.)

Why thank you twickster, so when I email to ask about name change do I need to be straight to the point like, “my username is this and I want it changed to that” or do I need to be more, you know, human?

And the username I want is original I do believe, but! as I’ve always said “belief is irrelevant to what is actually real.”

Bleh that was too philosophical for this sort of thread, I’m expending myself.

or is it “belief is irrelevant to whats actually true”

ehh, nobody cares.

If/when I do sign up will the posts that I have written as a guest show up or will it be from 0?

'pologies for 2 posts together.

You post count stays, your history stays, everything is the same. Just your “guest” status changes into “member”. That’s really why the rules say NO new account for members, just keep everything the same and let your status get changed when you join.

And no worries about the two post together thing. I never understood this assumed stigma over double-posts.

ETA: speaking of double posts… hmmmm…

You need to grovel and beg and abase yourself, and provide offerings of chocolate and alcohol, of course. :slight_smile:

What they all tell you is true. . .especially the chocolate and booze part.

(I’m partial to dark chocolate and single malt myself. Just so you know.)

While I’m waiting for my [del]bribe[/del] token of appreciation you can sign in under your name, click on “subscribe,” and follow the hyperlinks.

Once you are subscribed please send me an email with two or three names you like, ranked in the order in which you like them. I will run down your list and the first name not already taken is yours.

That’s what we do, that’s how we do it, we’re happy to oblige.

Oh, and everything moves forward with you – posts, post count, etc.

You also get more goodies by being a member – private messaging, search.

Any more questions?

Kat…abase? Oh no, oh no no.

ahh chocolate and alcohol? I do have Baileys Irish Cream truffles…they were a gift but…oh go on then. :smiley:

Thank you TubaDiva I will, this all rests on me getting that job I applied for because when you ask your mother for money for internet subscriptions, it usually doesn’t go down well.
Oh I didn’t specifically go out to find a job just so I could join a message board, I’m not that obsessed. >_>
Umm anymore things. Yeah is it about £8 to join in Britain or would it be £14.95?

It’s $15 dollars, so the former amount you mention sounds about right.

Hang around, participate in some threads, find out if you like this place.

If you’re still here in a month and really like it, just casually mention that you can’t afford the membership…

8 quids not much…
oh I couldn’t do that bigbaby.
I have hung around a while as in a few years or so.

Is PayPal free if you sign up for their personal account? As in you don’t have to give the Paypal website money just to register.

Oh it says it’s free right in front of me. 95% of this post is pointless.

Oh, that never happens around here. :slight_smile:

When you email TubaDiva (grovels in the correct direction) be sure to mention SDMB in the subject line of your email. Otherwise your request might get lost in the sea of hot stock buys, free viagra offers and hot Russian gurls want 2 meet U emails.

Thanks, I had no idea TubaDiva was into all that.

Don’t be silly. She’s not.

About 5 years ago, she gave up playing the stock market.


( ducks and runs like all hell )

And, welcome to The Straight Dope !!


Elnarge Ur sousaphone! High qualitative doctor approved m3ds
Sexxy musicians want ur low brass
Hot stock buy, grab DKCHCLT while you can!
Special offer just 4 you: OEM forum management softwair Ban everyone with 1ne click!

How many times has Tuba fallen for that one? :smiley:

[sub][sub]Please don’t ban me.[/sub][/sub]

Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:

I don’t think I need to put three suggestions for my new username as I am *uber confident that my new username is mindblowingly original!!

*yeah I have now used the term “uber” twice on this message board