Do walnuts tast like chocolate?

Is it just me or do walnuts tast like chocolate?

Nope, not that I can taste anyway. They mostly taste oily to me.

You are so eating the wrong kind of chocolate. Or maybe … wait … oh God, those aren’t walnuts!

Nope, it’s you. :smiley:

Well, they have an oily mouth feel, and they can be a little bitter, and if you chew them well, the complex carbs start to break down in your mouth into sugars, so they can get a little sweet as well - but on the whole, no, I don’t think so. Sorry.

Not in my experience, but I can sympathize. My husband looks at me like I’m crazy when I tell him that mangoes taste like carrots.

sorry, It is just you.
I guess I can see the texture a little, but the taste, not even close.

You, too?! The first mango I ever tasted was underripe and tasted exactly like carrots. I’ve since had one ripe mango, which tasted like cantaloupe to me. Since I don’t particularly like either carrots or cantaloupe, I haven’t bothered to try mango again…

Wait, we are talking about the tropical fruit mango, right? Not the “mango” (bell pepper, as it’s known in some parts of the Midwest)?

I have maple walnut ice cream, a bag of crushed walnuts still waiting for oatmeal cookie batter, and some walnuts my parents gave me for Christmas. Standby for testing:
[li]Icecream is maply yummy, but walnut chunks are unremarkable as walnuts go.[/li]
[li]Crushed walnuts are much more flavourful, with perhaps a hint of plastic bag starting to creep in. I outta get baking soon. :dubious:[/li]
[li]The walnut reveals the lack of a nutcracker in my bachelor domicile, but what else are 24" bolt cutters for? These would be your tastiest walnut source around here; the slightly bitter initial tang, mildly oily/waxy texture, and slightly… earthy? aftertaste.[/li][/ul]
Having performed the corresponding chocolate half of the experiment this morning already, I feel qualified to report the scientific data: it’s just you. :smiley:

Do walnuts tast like chocolate?

Only when they’re surrounded by a chocolate brownie.

I could see how if you ate a bad walnut (bitter) that you might think it tasted a little like unsweetened cocoa (bitter) but otherwise, nope. Is it possible you’re keeping walnuts near chocolate? The oils in the nuts can absorb odours.

But it’s good you ask these questions. I was in my mid-30’s before I discovered that most people don’t find walnuts spicy. Apparently I’ve mild allergy to the things and they burn my tongue a little. I kind of like it, in moderation.

Not chocolate, tho.


Yes. I didn’t even know there was a pepper kind.

Yeah, I guess the carroty-ness comes with under-ripe-ness.

I can kind of understand the carrot . They are somewhat bitter.

Or maybe I’m just a freak

Put me in with the group who don’t think walnuts taste like chocolate.