Do wasps on food=bad?

I was in a bakers today and they had hundreds of wasps crawling all over their cakes. Each individual cake had at least 3 or 4 wasps crawling all over it. The staff seemed to just ignore the wasps and the customers were still buying the cakes.

Are there any health concerns about eating cakes (or ANY food) that wasps have crawled over?

From a BBC science website:

So, if some of the wasps had been crawling around on some carrion before they got to your food, then I suppose it could contaminate it with some nasty bacteria.

Hmmm… I’ve never heard of wasps being especially unclean, at least in the manner of flies or roaches. But I mainly popped in to say, as someone who is phobic of wasps, thanks for a mental image that will haunt my nightmares for days.

Hehe, here’s another one for you. Last weekend we went to the local park with some friends to watch the live music and have a beer or two. At one point my friend took a huge pull on his can of beer, swallowed half of it and then promptly spat out the rest, which included a slighty drunk wasp!

Needless to say, we decanted our precious amber liquid into plastic cups after that!

I believe this is the first time I’ve ever seen the word “decant” or a variation of it used outside of a dictionary or a vocabulary test.

I went into a cake shop and asked for half a dozen soft rolls, a cream horn and a wasp; the assistant said they didn’t sell wasps; I said “there’s one in the window”.

Then you definitely need to drink more wine! Le vin c’est tres bon!

If the wasps are still present, they add a piquancy that some people don’t like.

Last weekend my girlfriend and I went for lunch at her parents’ house. Her folks are fairly well-off and like the finer things in life, and mealtimes tend to be “just so”. Her grandmother and great aunt (neither of whom is 100% thrilled by the fast that g/f and I are living together) were also there.

We’d reached dessert, and g/f’s mother brings out bowls of summer fruits exquisitely moulded into clear, and rather alcoholic, jelly. Barely had I begun when a wasp spiralled with pinpoint accuracy into the jelly and became stuck fast. “Subtly”, I dug my spoon under the offending insect, whipped it out of the bowl and smushed it flat against the place mat. I don’t think anyone noticed… much :smiley:

Anyhow, I finished my dessert (with a clean spoon), and suffered no ill effects.

I would assume that if they’re crawling over the food they’re also eliminating on it. Maybe that’s the secret ingredient.

I must have beer on the brain because I initially read this as, “…we decanned our precious amber liquid…”.

Actually, that’s probably what I would have said after I had a few in me. “Needless to say we…uh…hhmmm…decanned our beers.” Ha.

Uhh… do you mean “evacuating”? Or “crapping”, possibly :wink: