Do we have a SDMB "directory"

Like for example a thread with some kind of list of users who can put there names down followed by a list of their expertise, or hobbies. I ask this because I see threads all the time that ask an obscure question about something random like mold on a bathroom floor and within the first few posts someone always says hey lets wait for XXXXXX he is an expert on bathrooms and mold! Is there an actual direcotry somewhere that I dont know about or have you people just been here a real real long time?

We’ve been here a long time.

No directory. Some posters are better known than others and some are known for specific things.

Not to worry, our resident ‘SDMB directory’ expert will be along soon.

No no no you did it all wrong. You can’t just ask if there already is a thread. You have to start the thread yourself so that people can feel important and useful when they point out to you that ten old threads on the same topic already exist, even though no one cares and would rather read the new thread anyway unless the other thread came out within the last seven days.


It’s sad that when I ponder what I’m an SDMB expert in, it’s all stuff I would never have chosen to be expert in.

I want to be an expert on cheeses of the world. I’m not, but I want to be!

A little help.

Would that be** Idle Thoughts**? He does maintain and update the index of the “Ask the” threads. I suspect he might be the resident ‘SDMB directory’ expert.