Do we have a thread for SlackerInc yet? Maybe we should

So you see those who criticize you as being “inferior” and envious of your unique qualities, but you do not believe yourself to be suffering from narcissism.

Duly noted.

Then come prove how dumb I am at the poker game tonight. Gauntlet thrown down!

This reminds me of said bullshitters when they tell something that does have a grain of truth to it as opposed to their usual lies. They scream something like “oh YEAH! Look up Sara Jane Gomez in the New York Star, 1994, I was THERE!” as if proving that that one anecdote wasn’t a complete fabrication means that all of their persona is aboveboard.

This is like that but applied to intelligence. All of the bluster in the world won’t prove that a good poker player is anything but a good poker player.


The idea that being good at poker isn’t a function of intelligence? Hard for me to imagine you really believe that. It’s just a weak and pathetically transparent attempt to save face. Almost as weak as Trump’s claim that he was being “sarcastic” about using disinfectant inside the body. :roll_eyes:

I’m not even satisfied you’re a good poker player. I am satisfied you’re a dumbass.

Then come take me on. 8PM Eastern.

I have no interest in passing the time with you.

Save face? This is the first time I’ve posted about poker. Up until this round of blathering, I was convinced that you were merely the second-biggest dumbass in this thread, but now I’m not so sure.

You’d have to be pretty stupid to think that it was.

Well then, it all checks out!

sorry slacker, but they just checkmated you.

Fun story - I once new this guy who was of entirely average intelligence, but played poker for 4 hours a night. Over time, he got really good! Turns out that the ability to play a game is directly correlated with the time one has spent practicing that game, rather than intelligence.

You keep telling yourself that.

All the practice in the world won’t allow a dullard to read hands or calculate odds on the fly.

Checkmate, everybody. SlackerInc: smarter than a dullard.

I doubt you can get agreement on that point, assuming the others here understand that “dullard” is another word for “dumbass”.

OK Freido Slacker, OK.

That’s racist.

Quick, what are the odds the above statement makes you look like an even bigger dumbass to the vast majority of people reading this thread?

I await my warning from Miller.