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“that’s racist” has become a staple of schoolyards

Well, see, I don’t shower with 16 year olds so I’m not up on the new stuff.

Neither do I, alas. Not since I was in my early twenties, that is.

Dude is an SVU episode waiting to happen.

Definitely not. I’m scrupulous about consent and not running afoul of the law. That makes for a pretty boring SVU episode.

It’s rare to have to further qualify the characterization of troll, but I think adding loathsome and contemptible to your repertoire is well deserved here. I wonder if mods would deem it fit to create a fitting badge just for you. No. Better make it a warning label.

Stay the fuck away from schools and playgrounds, you repulsive slug.

You seem to think that a 16 year old can give consent to a sexual act. You have no scruples.

That’s not even the worst part.

The issue is that the loathsome toad thinks it’s okay to take advantage of their lack of judgement as long as he can skirt the law and get away with it. Also, how gross that a 20-something has interest in a 16 year old. Creepy as fuck. Ugh.

Errm, he’s not 20-something. He’s in his 40s. Possibly late 30s, I guess. With older kids of his own.

I believe he’s bragging about the shit he got up to in his 20’s. Like that makes it okay.

Aah, yes, I see that post now.

So does the law in many states (more when I was younger). [ETA: 34 states, including Minnesota where I live:] The Netherlands, which generally has the most humane approach to most issues, goes significantly lower – I would argue too low. And of course Islam reveres a man who married and had sex with a preteen. Now that’s revolting.

But 16 is not that young in terms of how we evolved to function biologically and psychologically.

I have no clue where it’s legal for me to fuck 16 year olds.

Children can’t legally drive cars and trucks.

Uh, 16 year old children can drive cars. 15 year old children can even drive when accompanied by a parent.

I thought you were supposed to be smart?

They are not children, they are young adults.

ETA: Interesting that you think they can be trusted with the lives of other drivers and pedestrians, allowed to operate a multiton vehicle capable of high speeds and acceleration, but cannot be trusted with managing their own bodies.

They can be trusted with their bodies, you should not be trusted with their bodies.

As guardians, we put limits on their ability to manage their own bodies. They can’t drink or smoke or do drugs legally because they can’t be trusted to make sound judgements. We don’t prohibit them from sex because that’s impossible, but we try to prohibit older adults from having sex with them because while teens can’t be trusted with that kind of decision, society expects that discouraging adults from taking advantage of them will suffice.

Also, you changed the subject you, creepy fuck. Don’t think everybody didn’t notice.

The point isn’t whether a 16 year old can be sexually active. The point is that a 20-something year old shouldn’t be taking advantage of 16 year olds. Your sordid rationalization attempts only makes you more skeevy.

I will concede that there are indeed parts of the world where 16 is the age of consent.

That doesn’t make you less gross or less creepy. The fact that you’re arguing so strongly (with cites!) for your right to touch minors only makes you MORE gross and MORE creepy.

Y’all don’t understand, Slacker has bluffed us into checkmate with his pocket rooks we’re supposed to fold or castle or something.

I really think he never learned about openings, using the same dutch defense against people ready for it, over and over again, is really sad.