Request permission to make thread in BBQ pit


It seems a lot of folks here don’t believe that racism and prejudice exists against people of people of color. Everyday, minorities are being treated like animals(last week, a 89 grandmother was denied entry to a gas station and forced to relieve herself outside as if she were a dog). Instead of talking about these injustices, we’re spending page after page talking about why some evil chick got chased out of a restaurant. White folks must believe that political affiliation is a protected class.

Here’s my question: Can I make a thread entitled “White folks are crazy” or “White folks hate us all” or “Here white folks go again with their oppression” something catchy like that. I’m still thinking on the title. The purpose of the thread is to highlight the daily injustices African-Americans and Hispanics experience at the hands of white folks. It. Happens. Everyday. If you prefer I don’t, that’s fine. Out of respect, I just wanted to ask before hand. Thank you.

I have been wondering why we don’t already have a “Living While Black” thread. It seems to be getting worse, though it may just be getting more media attention.

Can you come up with a title that distinguishes between white people who harass black people and those of us who think it is wrong?

You know, I like that title better. It’s not as catchy as “White folks are killing us all” but your title won’t trigger as many people. If given permission, I’d use that title “Living while Black” instead of the ones I offered.

Hmm. It’s Miller’s call, really. The Pit is a special kind of place. I’ll send it around the loop.

Provided it didn’t devolve into hate speech I wouldn’t have any trouble with it. There certainly are similar threads on other topics.

Thanks, I’d use the title “Living while black” as to not inflame.

I’d say that’s probably a good idea.

I’ve now sent it around the mod loop. I should warn you that it’s Saturday morning and therefore it might get a slower than normal response.

I think a thread like that might even do better outside the Pit. We can discuss injustice without insulting each other. The is no rule against ranting about bigots outside this message board.

Threads that are little more than rants are routinely moved to the Pit, though. Especially if the OP is a rant, even if it’s not a rant about posters on this MB.

I think a Living While Black thread could be much more than a rant. That doesn’t mean it can’t contain ranty comments about bigots.

I’d think that, even were such a thread to start in GD, it would quickly tip over the line and get moved to the Pit.

True, but what you originally said is not exactly correct. Rants are supposed to go in the Pit, even if they’re not about posters on this MB. Did you not see how many Trump threads get/got moved to the Pit? You’re unlikely to get a warning or even a mod note if your thread gets moved, unless you’re a serial offender. So it’s not quite the same as the rule against insulting folks outside the Pit, but there is a rule, and people have been moderated for breaking it.

If the name of the thread is gonna be “White folks hate us all” please use a more appropriate and concrete example instead of a elderly black person being denied use of a staff bathroom.

Definitely think “Living While Black” is the better title, and would very much appreciate that thread. I’ve actually wished there was a thread like that before, to go along with the other omnibus threads, but it wasn’t my place to ask. (If you want to talk about it, you’d bring it up.)

The other title would pretty much instantly devolve into people arguing about how you should say “some white people” and other stuff, and then become a “discussion” about racism against white people, and thus completely ruin the purpose of the thread. So good choice.

If you start this thread, you might as well start two: “Living while black” omnibus, and the “The racists are speaking” thread, because there are some folks who will jump right in and immediately need their own thread. “Living while black” deserves its own space.

You don’t have to ask for permission to start a pit thread. You can just start one.

After consultation…go forth and do it. Enjoy.

Sure, you can, but if it’s deemed to be inappropriate it could be closed. No harm in asking.


Most people on this board would say racism is a bad thing and state their opposition to it.

Many would say that racism is getting rarer, and that is a good thing. They might say that it is less common than it was 20 years ago, and much less than 40, 60, 80, 100 years ago.

But is there really anyone here claiming it doesn’t exist?

For a title, how about “Racially Based Injustice of the Day”?

We already have several “of the Day” threads and that would fit in with those. It would also allow for injustices against groups other than blacks, which the title “Living while Black” would exclude.

Sure but that’s not a reason to not have a pit thread. You can also have a thread discussing injustice with insulting people. Which seems perfectly reasonable to me.

I’ll add that I’m white, but a migrant, a member of a cultural minority, and used to getting offhand/backhand insults that aren’t really insults, from people who aren’t, by their own testimony, racist, chauvinist or xenophobic, and are just joking anyway. And I’ve often felt the desire for indulging in a bit of insulting generalization about it. So I’m 100% behind the theory, and nothing offensive said about white people (in general, I wasn’t talking about you personally), is going to be more hurtful that what I get anyway.

I don’t do it because I’m afraid of the backlash. I think that’s the issue the OP and this board should consider, and perhaps the pit is a way to minimize it.