Do we have a thread for SlackerInc yet? Maybe we should

34 U.S. states, including my own, somehow became “some parts of the world”. :roll_eyes:

And this BTW has nothing to do with trying to be pedophilia-adjacent, “barely legal”. I think shaved pubes are gross, and I prefer a voluptuous figure. But when they are newly voluptuous, gravity has not yet taken its toll. This is something virtually all straight men understand implicitly, yet we all are supposed to put on an ostentatious show of acting like it never crosses our minds. Fuck that noise.

Truly you are courageous, fighting the tyranny of the societal consensus to try and avoid sexualizing minors.

What do you see when you see a sixteen year old? Do you see a child, or do you see a potential sexual conquest? There’s really no wrong answer. I guess it’s kind of a Rorschach test.

If you’re a racist, misogynist, would-be sexual predator and fully-formed and realized turd, I mean. @SlackerInc

It’s revealing that you believe that all adult men are walking around hiding their desire to have sex with 16 year old girls.

Nobody was asking you for these details. Why did you feel the need to overshare, you sick fuck.

But I know you were trying to paint me as someone looking for the “barely legal” teenager with a “slim build” and shaved pubes so I can pretend she’s prepubescent, and nothing could be further from the truth. That shit is gross.

So the ephebophile looks down on the hebephile does he?


I must apologize to SlackInIQ. I got the details wrong, and can honestly say he does not have elaborate fantasies about 16 y.o. schoolgirls in the shower. Mea culpa.

It was a 14 year old schoolgirl.

I absolutely was not thinking that. I had not considered it for even a split second.

But you did. You went into detail about it. Twice now. Which says some things about you:

  • That you lack conscience and remorse about it
  • That you lack self-awareness about it
  • That you continue to seek ways to justify it
  • That you’d likely do it again if presented with the opportunity

All of which makes you skeevy as fuck.

Oh well, I see that the skeevy left the Dutch Defense and reached for the The Toilet Variation.

At first I read that as the infinitely dirtier-sounding but more impactful

Dutch Reach

Slack just really loves sharing how much he loves pubes. Always has.

Sure. Fine. I get having a preference and sharing it under otherwise harmless circumstances.

But sharing it in this particular context, unprompted, when it clearly has no exculpatory advantage, really has to make everyone question the pathology involved.

Yup, another aspect of my carefully laid out deep cover identity, set up years in advance to misdirect anyone from figuring out I actually like 'em bald. :roll_eyes:

You guys accuse me of being pathological, but you somehow fail to hear how insane you sound.

The guy who thinks it’s acceptable to proclaim a sexual interest in young teenagers as an adult man probably isn’t going to have a realistic idea of what others see as “insane”.

Don’t flatter yourself. A pathology doesn’t imply above average intellect. Clearly.

Nothing about you is deep or covert or carefully laid out. It’s actually all right there, in plain sight (as it were):

The need for attention. The insecurity. The need to impress others with inconsequential accomplishments. The overcompensation for feelings of grinding mediocrity by constantly trying to make yourself stand out as smart, unique and interesting. Mommy issues. Controlling. Manipulative. Some weird sex issues I don’t even what to know about.

That’s just my read.

Mine too.

To add to his recent double down about not understanding that Ocasio Cortez was not talking about being glad that her father was dead, showing that he has no clue about idioms. We have to add how he does not get why he is reinventing the wheel, or why “reinventing the wheel” must be only used as how he interprets it. In this thread I pointed before how he does that reinvention as part of how he is “concerned” about Democrats or scientists not following his advice. When Democrats and scientists already knew. The Slacker really wants to impress others by teaching grandma to suck eggs.
Cue the Slacker coming to explain with his bad French translator how grandma really, really needs to suck those eggs to impress the fence sitters. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is “teaching Grandma how to suck eggs” a translation of an idiom from your native language? What does it mean?

BTW, I have now translated two novels from French to English, and both authors were very happy with my work. :stuck_out_tongue:

Should I tell him guys? :grinning:

They don’t know any more than I did. I just googled it, and it’s some 18th-century English language idiom that no one uses anymore. Seriously. I have never ever heard of this, and the only citations for it mentioned online are more than 200 years old. Another perilous thing about trying to use idioms in a foreign language: you don’t know which ones are actually current.