This is how you blow a very winnable election

Rigghhtt, it’s the ‘leftists’ that are the ‘moral relativists’!

Rosenbaums conviction and imprisonment was in AZ

The thing I find a little disconcerting as a moderate dem is that three for three of the protesters has serious criminal history. Not that its a huge sample, but compared to the general population how likely are you to pull a three felon hat trick shooting 3 random people.

We need better heroes than this.

I haven’t been able to find these supposed conviction records anywhere but right wing propaganda sites. How certain are you that any of this is legitimate?

On the overall question of the OP:

There’s no evidence so far that this issue is at risk of “blowing” the election.

Well, I won’t speak for others, but I never considered these guys “heroes”. I just think they are victims.

Clearly the experienced Obama hands in the Biden campaign believed it was a serious risk, or they wouldn’t have had him come out and make the speech he did Monday, followed by taking highlights from it to cut an ad, and putting major money behind it in swing states.

As I pointed before, I do think that you need to stop reinventing the political wheel. Me and others elsewhere did point that this move was to be expected, ever since 1992. IOW, you are not really countering what iiandyiiii said. He is pointing at evidence that shows that indeed most people are finding that it is asinine what Trump and most Republicans are doing regarding their “who is to blame” tactics.

I don’t believe that expression means what you think it means.

To reinvent the wheel is to duplicate a basic method that has already previously been created or optimized by others.

It shows when one can notice how surprised you are when Democrats or others are doing what you suggest as if it was a new thing. Also, when there is surprise when others like iiandyiiii bring evidence of how many others are seeing what the Republicans are up to, even when trying to control the narrative.

Telling someone they don’t need to reinvent the wheel means you are telling them they don’t have to come up with some fancy, hitherto-unthought-of plan. I was doing nothing of the sort, so your use of that idiom made no sense. But it’s a good idea to avoid idioms in a second language for that reason (I am very proficient in French, but I steer clear of them in that langauge).

Again, you were surprised, many times already. The point stands, particularly when I noticed that awhile ago and you are still ignoring that Democrats did counter the same way to the asinine Republican allegations of today as they did in 1992.

BTW it is rich when you insist that I’m using the idiom wrong, I got it a long time ago and checked the dictionary, you are the one getting it wrong.

No, I am definitely not. Again, the only reason to caution me not to “reinvent the wheel” is if I were advising Democrats to apply some new convoluted strategy, all to get to the same result you can achieve “the old fashioned way”. That’s definitely not what happened here. (What actually happened is that Biden did just what I’ve been urging him to do.)

The old fashioned way you were talking about was the hapless one from 1968.

Clearly you were surprised in this thread by going “:heart_eyes:” when finally noticing what Biden and Harris are doing now, when it was a tactic that worked in 1992. No need to urge Biden, and I really don’t think you talked to him about that.

Just pleased (he took his sweet time), but it’s not reinventing the wheel. Again, you shouldn’t try to use English language idioms: the nuances are too tricky unless it’s your native tongue.

Again, me and others posted the evidence about what was done before, you only have your say so.

And again, as idioms go, it is really not convincing to declare that you urged Biden to do that.

That first sentence doesn’t make sense no matter how many times I read it. The second sentence shows that you don’t really understand what “urge” means. I don’t have to talk to him directly to urge him to do something. Just saying it in a public place is sufficient.

Over here in Red Arizona the result has been Trump doing worse in polling and McSally going 17 points under the dancing Astronaut for the senate. :slightly_smiling_face:

On edit: I noticed that SlackerInc is grasping at straws now, so not interesting on replying to him here.

Ah yes, the old “declare victory and withdraw” gambit. Probably your wisest move! (But you should say “not interestED IN replying”. HTH)

They’re the ones who are saying “both sides do it, so may as well vote Democrat”. Or maybe I’m mistaken.

I would tend to say you are mistaken, but can you be more specific in substantiating your claim?