Greatly relieved that the pube-shaving trend is abating

This is from a few months ago, but it’s new to me:

Brazilian Bikini Wax? In a New Trend in Hair Removal, Women Prefer the Natural Look

I enthusiastically cosign the following comment, one of two male perspectives quoted in the article:

Hear, hear. Couldn’t agree more.

What the Hell? I just don’t get this at all.

What is the big deal about this?

Why do so many people feel so strongly about this? I don’t get it.

Can anyone explain it to me? Especially, why people seem to be so reluctant to publish their gender when they make these kinds of comments. Why are peoples’ gender so secretive? I sure would like to understand. But I just don’t get it!

What the Hell? I just don’t get this at all.

What is the big deal about this?

Why do so many people feel so strongly about this? I just don’t understand. Can anyone explain this?

Why do people seem so reluctant to identify their gender when they make these kinds of comments? Why are people so reluctant to say whether they are male or female?

The only evidence I can recall comes from a scene from the TV show, “Fargo”. Some hot lady (Gina Hess played by Kate Walsh) made some statement about Lester picking her pubes out of his mouth. But, I just didn’t understand that and I likely didn’t quote it correctly. What gives?

Personally, I can’t imagine that pubic hair would have any taste and if it did, it surely wouldn’t taste any good. Would it?

Kate Walsh is definitely a very lovely lady. But I can’t imagine that her pubic hair (or anyone else’s pubic hair) would have any taste to it. Especially a good taste.

I don’t care if anyone knows my gender: it’s male.

And I think a shaved pubis looks unattractive, and the expectation that women shave strikes me as oppressive. I also wonder about the underlying motivation of it all, but even leaving that aside I was never a fan.

A big roll-eyes to both of those sentiments.

There were three sentiments there, I thought. Were you really rolling your eyes at my preference for the appearance of the pubic area as it has looked throughout nearly all history other than the past decade or so? Or was that not included in “both”?

IME, They’re all good.

Male chiming in, since apparently that’s now required.

I like trimmed or shaved, and I am also sans hair down there.

Now that that is out of the way, err…
(not really sure how to transition now)

Sorry, I guess I should have made it clear that I am male, and that I prefer the company of women (well, for seven years now, a particular woman). Women. As in, hair down there.

Female here.

I don’t go full Brazillian, but I do get regular bikini waxes. However, I get waxed not primarily for my husband’s enjoyment, it’s for comfort. I suspect a good portion of the women who get waxes feel the same way.

Oh thank heavens!

Aware of trends I have made a few attempts throughout the years, and no method that I tried, no device, or combinations of lotions and potions has done the job effectively and not left me with angry skin and ingrown hairs. So, there’s a very small window for hey, “that feels different and nice” and then it’s a few weeks of discomfort and reluctance to appear naked even in front of the love of my life.

When I started sleeping with my husband not even porn stars or centerfolds (do people still buy skin magazines???) were waxing. He was used to me as-is. Since his death last year it has occurred to me that I might want to go out and get laid at some time in the future…but not enough to shave or wax or sugar or Veet or any of that stuff.

And certainly not enough to pay someone to take care of it for me. I am missing the gene or neurotransmitter or whatever it is that makes people able to relax while getting nearly naked in front of a stranger, in a storefront filled with additional strangers.

Female here.

I’ve never waxed nor completely shaved down there. When wearing swimsuits or short-shorts I’ll shave/trim as needed so as not to show off the pubes in public but that’s it.

Men of my generation that I dated never seemed to care much either way. My spouse’s attitude is that it’s my hair and I should wear it the way I want to, although he’s not opposed to trying out a new look, so to speak. Come to think of it, that’s largely my attitude to the whole topic as well.

That said, some people really do have a strong opinion on the subject.

Bravo! I love a nice rug on a woman.

As for men—unless you’re a porn actor, why bother?

Male here. People should do what makes them happy. Remember, some people opted for a permanent hairless solution & it’d be mean and petty to dis people who no longer have the option.

I know… I know…

“You get your d-mn opinion outta between my legs, Mister!”

Now you tell me. Why couldn’t you have posted this yesterday?:smack:

A preference is fine, but I would wonder how strong would that be… meaning, if you end up about to get laid, and he/she is bald (or not), would that make you all of a sudden pack your bags, dress up, and leave (or kick them out)? Such a strong sentiment to me would be weird.

Also, I’m all for equality. Meaning I go :dubious: when men talk about wanting bald, but they themselves don’t seem to mention trimming or shaving themselves.

Had my spouse burn his pubes off once, but that was very much an accident. No lasting harm done, or even short term hair, really. He’s a lot more careful about he does nekkid now.

The look didn’t do much for me and he said it was itchy growing the hair back. So far, he has expressed no desire to deliberately remove the area rug.

Male. I ratify the above sentiments completely.

I don’t consider that I have the right to dictate to women their grooming habits but shaving the pubes, just like shaving the eyelids and cutting off all the eyelashes, just seems tragic.

On the pubes-shaving issue, I don’t really have a strong opinion one way or the other.

But I don’t see anything :dubious:-worthy in thinking that something looks good on one gender but not on the other—whether it be pubic hair, a beard, a ponytail, or whatever.