Do we have any Dopers around NIU?

I have a sister who works for the university and I just found out her house was broken into Wednesday morning. The thieves gained entrance by breaking a pane on the basement door. They evidently tried the sliding door first but it wouldn’t budge. My sister and nephews are out money, jewelry, video game systems, CDs, and even small things like hair clippers.

I’ve got a friend who goes there…if there’s anything that I can ask him or something, I’d be more than happy to do so.

Thanks. Ask him to keep his ears open, I’m sure somebody’s going to be bragging eventually.

While you’re at it, see if he knows an engineering student named Erik Preston. He’s one of my nephews.

Fogot to mention, they took some guitars too. Sounds like a typical smash & grab; only small, easy to carry items were taken. My sister didn’t mention anything about the TVs and computer so those must have been left alone.

NIU? Like Northern Illinois University? Or something else?

I went to that NIU and live about 50 miles from it. I also work with some people who still live in DeKalb but I doubt they’d hear anything. When I still lived there and worked in the Chicago suburbs, I was totally out of the school loop.

Yeah, Northern Illinois University. My sister has been part of the administration there for some 20 years.