Motherfuckers took our stuff!

While we were sleeping peacefully, in the early hours of this morning, someone broke into our house, and stole our notebook computer and my purse! We know it was early hours, because our 13-year-old daughter didn’t go to bed until about 4AM, and we were up by 8AM. The first thing we noticed wrong was that the notebook computer that was sitting on our dining room table last night wasn’t on the table this morning. Our first thought was that our daughter had taken it to her room for some reason, but we woke her up, and she said not. Then I started looking around, and dammit, my purse is gone, too! We called the theft-notification number for my Visa/debit card, and the guy at the call-center said that someone tried to use it at an ATM this morning, and entered the wrong PIN three times.

We reported it to the cops. I’d heard that this kind of burglary was way up in this area, due to the big increase in heroin usage in the past year.

Those motherfuckers took our stuff, and it pisses me off! I mean, I know it’s only stuff, and it can be replaced, but it still pisses me off.

We got robbed too a while back, they only got a bit of spare change and some keys, but changing all those locks was a bitch and the feeling of vague paranoia everynight or time we were going to leave the house. Motherfuckers is right. My sympathies to you norinew, good luck with insurance/retrieving stuff.

Thanks, Chimpy. The homeownwer’s insurance should cover the notebook (unless the cops recover it in the process of being pawned). My wallet only had ten bucks in cash. But, it had my Visa/debit card (all charges will be covered, and maybe it’ll be used to catch the asswipes), my driver’s license, the kids’ insurance cards, our YMCA membership cards; all kinds of shit that’ll be a pain in the ass to replace. Oh, and of course, keys to our house and two cars. Bastards.

They were in your house while you were sleeping. I’d count my blessings, methinks!

Nitpick: You were burglarized, not robbed. Either way, it sucks. :slight_smile:

According to I was both.

Bolding mine

As much as I hope the motherfuckers get caught, convicted, and put away, I agree with Chefguy. It’s a good thing that they took stuff and left, without things degenerating into an In Cold Blood scenario.

As Fionn and ChefGuy said, I’m glad you’re safe. Just the thought of someone being in my house while I was sleeping would freak me out.

And it sucks. Just having to replace all the stuff in your wallet and re-keying your house and cars is a huge pain.
I didn’t know you had such a bad heroin and crime problem out there. We go out to Deep Creek a couple of time a year and drive right through Cumberland. It always looks like such a nice little town. Is it due to a high unemployment rate?

Time to buy a gun?

No one argues with a homeowner who has a nice shotgun.

Your suggestion makes zero sense. They never woke up.

Yeah, waving the shotgun around at 8AM would have helped a lot in this situation.

(From one who keeps a 12-guage within 10 feet of the bed)

What about next time? When they come back? They know they can bust in, and they know you have nice (maybe) stuff.

Hit reply too soon.

We had a problem with theves not too long ago. The first time it happened we were pissed, but it’s a few times in a life time thing (in a rural area) so we did nothing.

Then it happened again, and we thought about buying video camera’s etc, but we never got around to it.

Then it happened again, this time we got smart, fixed the motion lights, locked up the shop, engraved and recorded serial numbers on our valuables.

And you know what, it didn’t happen again. For some reason (probably because the house is a dump, and usually locked) they never came in the house. They also only came around when we were gone. Useless dog. We thought about borrowing a neighbour’s dog, but did’nt do it.

You mean that you left the shop unlocked even after the first two burgularies?! That makes no sense to me. I don’t live in a rural area now, but I did at one time, and I still always locked my door when I was either away from home or asleep. And if I had decided that locking up wasn’t necessary, I would have changed my mind the first time anyone in the area (even if it wasn’t me) was burgalized.

If you only had a dog.

We did have to buy the hardware for the door, and we figured that it wouldn’t happen again, lightning and all that, so it took our cordless drill (among the most valuable portable tools) disappearing for us to recognize that it wasn’t going to stop. And all they took each time was a few tools (siphoned some gas out of an old car).

Besides, crime in this area (at least thefts etc) is somewhat rare. If someone doesn’t answer when you knock, you open the door, lean in, and yell.

Iwas burglarized once, during the day. When we came back late at night, we found the door opened (not broken, they probably used fake keys, but no point to give more details) and the stuff missing.

I intended to have the locks changed on the folowing day, and we went to bed. When we woke up, we found the door open again (but nothing was missing this time). So they had visited us again during the night. Since it was during summer, I suppose they thought we were on vacations, and came back to steal what they didn’t have taken the first time, then left upon noticing we were inside. Fortunately, burglars don’t tend to be violent criminals over here, so the idea that they walked in while were sleeping didn’t worked up us all that much.

Besides, my insurance reimbursed the stolen stuff despite theft occuring without break in being explicitely excluded in the policy. Fortunately, I was insured by a “mutuelle” (non-profit insurance organization ran by people elected by the insurees) which doesn’t try to take as much money as it can from you while denying as much reimbursements as it can. They just sent an enquirer who was sufficiently convinced that I wasn’t scamming them. I’m certainly not going anyday soon to change my mind and pick a for-profit insurance scheme.

What caught my eye was that your 13-year-old daughter was up until 4:00 AM. No, I’m not going to ask why the hell a child was up that late. But since she was, is it possible that she had some friends over until 3:30 or so, and that they somehow managed to make sure a door or window was unlocked or something? Or, if she is generally unsupervised at hours that late, is it possible that she was complicit in the theft?

To all who say I should count my blessings because no one was hurt, trust me, I do. It just pisses me off that they took stuff.

To the “you should have a gun” party: we do. But, as I stated, we never woke up.

Liberal, if you knew the kid at all, you’d never suggest such a thing. I’m not going all “my little darlings would never do such a thing” route. But this particular little darling is straight as an arrow. She’s so conscientious, she gets a stomach-ache if she loses a library book! She comes to me and confesses if she says a cuss word by accident, because her conscience will not allow her to do otherwise. No, I’m not exaggerating (and as much as I’d like to take credit for how conscientious she is, I can’t. I don’t know how it happened). Now, if our 17-year-old had been home (she’s out of town this weekend), you can bet your ass we’d be checking that out left and right.

Oh, and I know you didn’t ask, but I’ll tell you anyway (you might not be the only one wondering). She’s a night-owl. Always has been. When she was 3, she’d have been content to go to bed at midnight and sleep til 10AM. I didn’t let her, of course, because she needed too much supervision. But now, while we usually make her go to bed by 2AM, we let her have “no bedtime” nights, especially when school’s out. She’s never done a single solitary thing to make us distrust her, so we trust her. What can I say?

Tiny update: my 13-year-old just got up, and her purse was stolen, too. This really upset her, because I just took her to the store last night to buy some new makeup; she saved her allowance for two months, and spent money on makeup, a new collector Barbie, and a necklace. Well, she took the Barbie and necklace to her room with her, but left her purse (with all of her makeup, old and new, in it). Now she’s out of money and out of makeup. She doesn’t even go over her friend Dave’s house without makeup on, and Dave’s blind for heaven’s sake!