Do we really need 9/11 merchandise?

No, really. At this rate, we’ll be celebrating “9/11 Day” by putting burning models of the WTC in our living rooms, with crap like this underneath.

And guess what’ll be the hot trading items in schoolyards everywhere? Forget Pokémon. Get your kids some of these today!


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Have you been to the WTC since 9/11? You should see some of the disgusting things the street vendors are selling. Most notable would be the flip books containing photos of the buildings on fire, people running through the streets, and people falling out of the buildings. What’s even more disgusting is that there must be idiots out there buying this crap, otherwise why would it be on sale?

Well couldnt you argue that continuing to be the greedy capitalists that us Americans are, you are being a patriot of sorts?

We greedy capitalists should know our limits. It’s called common decency.

I noticed the same thing when I visited Ground Zero back in February… after being moved by the site, and the tributes, I then had my stomach turned by the items being sold. Sure, it pissed me off, but hey, it’s America and that’s capitalism - if there wasn’t a market, they wouldn’t be selling it - and while it offends my sense of good taste, so do a lot of things. I moved on.


While some of this stuff is in bad taste some of it isn’t. Today I went to the Mall to pick up some books and saw an absolutly stunning girl who appeared to be about 18 or 19. Being a male I had to look at her. While admiring her beauty[#1] I noticed that she had a shirt on that said “I ‘(insert heart here - I don’t know the ascii for it)’ Firemen - 9/11”. While it may be more tasteful with out the heart it still struck me. This young Lady got it.


#1. No, I was not looking at her chest. She had the most beautiful face.

Yeah but, the thing is most of the people selling are (frequently illegal) Asian and African immigrants. And when I was there they were selling them to Japanese tourist.

America is an interesting place.

Anyway, I think baseball caps with “Ground Zero” printed on them are just stupid. And creepy.

Since when?:smiley:

Wait, who wears a t-shirt on their face?