Does this make you sick??

I’m an American and I live in on Long Island about 80 miles from the city and I just can’t stand the fact that people are capitalizing on the 9/11 disasters. I was in the mall yesterday and all I saw were people selling flags, they were also selling other America crap too , like posters and whatever else. Why does it take a such a horrible event to bring the country together and for people to show national pride? Do people think “wow this country must be great cause we got attacked!” I don’t get it. If you want to help, DONATE that money that you would spend on CRAP to people who need it!
Do you think street vendors are all giving their profits to charity ? Some may be ,but I feel much better knowing that the money I gave is definitely going to people who need it, instead of crap on my front lawn or on my car.

Vendors charging FIREFIGHTERS for flags, just give them them goddamn flags!! Firefighters coming off their trucks in their uniforms get charged for flags, or so I’ve heard… If I ever see it I’m gonna buy the firefighters as many flags as they want!

What about those jerks who sell photos of the smoking towers, the planes before impact, etc.? They have made many copies from the negatives and hock them on street corners. One ugly, drunk-looking a-hole was walking up and down the line as me and twenty others waited to board a bus in Flushing, Queens, showing one of those photos. I contemplated telling him that he was a sick f-er, but I let it go.