USA,.....Do we mean what we say?

After Sept. 11, I have noticed a few things about what people are saying. I live in Cincinnati, and in April, there were riots in which rocks were thrown at poilce officers and firefighters by very angry people. Now, after this tragedy, we all are in support and deeply care for all of the firefighters and policemen in New York. Does it take a national distaster to show us how much we should appreciate these brave men and women who risk their lives for complete strangers?

    A few nonrelated things I noticed include the fact that people are very angry and critical of the evil people who performed this act, but when Clear Channel decides not to play certain songs on its stations (out of pure respect), people get very angry and complain. Also, I know a lot of people who critize Israel for its violent retaliations against Palastinians, but then are in total support of retaliatiion against Bin Laden and his supporters. Even though Israel has been dealing with terrorists for quite some time. Does any of this seem strange to you?

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Not only that, but it’s a massive copyright violation. The Two Towers, page 23 and 24 in my vintage 1970s paperback edition.

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Unfortunately I’d say this is part of the human condition. It often takes tragedies to make people sit up and take notice. Sort of, “You don’t know what you have till you’ve lost it.”

I know a Life Flight pilot (hospital helicopter) who says it is not infrequent for his helicopter to get shot at when flying into the seedy parts of the city (Chicago). That blew my mind. Given where they live one of those shooters may someday be relying on that guy to fly them to a hospital and a chance at life. I’d bet money such a person would never again shoot at that helicopter if it saved their life.

It’s your right to complain. I don’t know what the songs were or what, exactly, the people complaining were saying so I can’t make a value judgement on the situation you are describing.

I’m just guessing but I imagine people who support Israel in the case you describe probably see Palestinians as the aggreived party. They also see the US as the aggreived party in the latest attacks. Holding those two positions are not logically inconsistent. If you want more on Israel and Palestine search this board…there are many threads on this issue.

That should read Palestine.

*actually, the correct term is Israel, as that is the name it is recognized by other countries politically and socially. It was called Palistine and was a British Territory until Britain gave Israel to the Zionists and it was declared the National Jewish State. The name Israel comes from the Bible (or in Christian and Catholic terms, The Old Testiment) when God tells Jacob to change his name to Israel (Or the Hebrew Yisrael)which translates as “One who wrestles with God.” The British originally offered Uganda to the Zionists, but they refused the offer because Israel is their homeland (and besides, Uganda is Landlocked).

Actually, I think the word he wanted to use there WAS “Palestine”. He must have misspoke himself, as the sentence doesn’t make any sense reading the way it is.

I somehow doubt that people who support Israel probably see the Palestinians as the aggrieved party. People who support Israel would see Israel as the aggrieved party.

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Somone is shooting at ambulance helecoptors in Chicago?

Who? I can’t find anything on this.

This would be BIG news. It makes the news when ambulance DRIVERS get shot at.

Sorry…I have no cite for this. I described the guy as a friend in the interests of brevity but he is actually a friend of a friend so my connection is a bit distant and I’ve only met him a few times.

The guy used to be in the Navy sailing around in nuclear missile subs. I know that is verified because he applied for a job at my company at the behest of my friend and my company verifies backgrounds given on resumes. He left the service and learned how to fly helicopters (also verified via our HR department…HR let me know over drinks one night).

Given his background my take on the guy was a reasonably stable and straightforward dude. Could he be making it all up? Sure…I suppose so but my gut reaction was one of belief. Can I be fooled (by HR or the guy in question)? You betcha but that’s the best I’ve got for you for now. I know that’s not kosher on these boards so I’ll ask my frined and see if I can get more detail.

All of that said I don’t see why him having people on the ground taking random potshots would necessarily make the news. For all I know that’s business as usual (it sounded as if it happened pn more than one occasion) and he wasn’t unduly concerned. Certainly not enough to phone the police or media. What could he tell the police anyway? Some guy he can’t identify in any way, shape or form was shooting at him in some 8 square block area? Then again how he new someone was shooting at him (unless his helo was hit) is beyond me. Maybe he was yanking my chain.