Do women get spontaneous clitoral erections?

Has anyone ever tried to find out? I say that because as a woman myself, I have no clue. Men report that they can get erections without the slightest sexual feeling attached … but of course they are aware of it because it’s so obvious. As a girl, I have no clue I’m erect when I’m aroused, I would hardly know if I was erect when I’m NOT aroused.
So…anyone know?

And have we ever had an “Ask the post-op transexual” thread? Anyone want to volunteer?

Just as men get penile erections during REM (dreaming sleep), so do women get clitoral erections. In fact it is one of the best indicators of REM sleep.

From Wiki on REM sleep:

Huh, and I would have thought the best indicator would be the, you know, rapid eye movement.

Colibri’s method is much more entertaining for the researcher, and enables you to request more money for the research grant.

Yea but that’s not as much fun to check for.

I’d think that most people would rather have electrodes attached to their penis or clitoris than their eyelids.


I recall reading a study in the 1970’s. Even back then, this sort of topic interested some researchers.

They attached sensors around penises to measure arousal. They also measured “lubrication” of women. Then they showed them pictures designed to arouse and measured arousal and also asked them if they were aroused or felt aroused. (Hmmm… “I’d like to thank the NRC and the Faculty of Medicine for buying my porn collection…”)

The conclusion they reached was that women were aroused as often as men, but most women were not as easily aware as men that they were exhibiting arousal symptoms.

Of course, but I said “one of the best.”