Do women really wear high heels around the house?

This has bugged me for a long time now. On TV you always see women wearing high-heels around the house. After work they don’t take their shoes off. Around the pool they wear high heel slip-on shoes. On almost every sitcom the woman will just be wondering around the house wearing high heel shoes or boots. Even when they are watching TV or cooking in the kitchen. You almost NEVER see women on TV with their shoes off unless they are getting into bed. Jessica Simpsons show has her in high-heels at all times. Even at the race track.

What’s the straight dope here? How many women actually wear heels around the house on the weekend or after work?

I certainly don’t. But I almost never wear high heels- I’ve sprained my ankles enough times to make high heels a Bad Idea.

In fact, I almost never wear shoes of any kind at home- I take off my shoes and socks pretty much right away. Unless someone has recently broken a glass or bottle in the kitchen, which is not that uncommon at Chez Neville…

Well, one of my best friends owns, and here I give a reasonably conservative number, around 40 pairs of shoes. Of those, I dare say a maximum of a half dozen are flat footed. Of those half dozen, all of them are different varieties of scandals, with one of them being a pair of running shoes; ostensibly for her old job. Any time she is wearing shoes she is in heels. The only time she would not be seen in heels is at the beach and at the old job, where her shoes could not be seen behind the counter.

No way. I only wear high heels if I have to look fabulous for a night out. I raraly wear them to school or work, because I’m on my feet so much and can’t handle heels for too long. The second I get home, it’s shoes off, slippers on.

And we don’t vacuum in pearls, either. :slight_smile:

OK, I’ll admit to be a high-heel loving girl. I rarely wear flats and only wear tennis shoes to work out, never to work. I’m often the only girl at work in heels. But, I really like them and that’s worth a little discomfort IMHO.

Now to the OP: I don’t wear them around the house. If it’s just me, I’m in slippers or barefoot. But I do wear them to run errands on the weekends. :cool:

I don’t, and I’ve never heard/seen any of my female acquaintances doing it either.

I don’t, but then I rarely wear heels and never wear shoes in the house. A former upstairs neighbour in an apartment building with hardwood floors certainly did. I know this because she apparently enjoyed walking around her apartment until some ungodly hour virtually every night, but my thoughts on that are better suited for the Pit.

Ms. Manners indicates that the only appropriate circumstance for wearing high heels while doing housework, etc., is when they are accompanying a scarlet or black teddy as your only clothing, and someone is filming the activity in hopes of selling it as an X-rated movie.

Yours for better modern etiquette… :wink:

I’ve never known any woman who didn’t kick her heels off the second she walked in the door.

I don’t do heels. They’re nothing but torture devices and then there’s that whole thing about never learning to walk in them.

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No, I don’t know anyone who wears heels around the house. I think a lot of what you’re seeing is just an extension of the fact that nobody on TV runs around barefoot or in slippers, unless they’re in jammies. If people aren’t going to be shoeless, they’ve got two choices: show them changing their shoes like Mr. Rogers when they come in, or just leave them in whatever they wore that day. It’s generally easier to just leave them in whatever shoes they already had on.

I wear heels everyday. I only recently bought my first pair of what-I-used-to-refer-to in my youth as tennis shoes so that I could start walking for exercise. But other than that and two other pairs of flats, I wear heels every day. When I come home, I’ll wear them as long as I can stand 'em and then I go barefoot.

<Sunspace thinks back to the family homes he’s lived in>
<Sunspace thinks of the amount of hardwood flooring involved>

Nope. Can’t say any of the women I knew ever did… Mom or my aunt or whoever would have ripped the high heels off the offender without checking for foot clearance first.

“You’re marring the floors! Take your shoes off!”

Come to think of it, that want for us non-high-heel-wearing types as well.

I don’t know anyone who wears heels at home. In fact, a majority of my friends and acquaintances take any and all shoes off right inside the door and wear socks or go barefoot.

They do if you take the time to train them correctly. Get her a pair of heels that have straps with the little padlocks.

I did date a girl several years ago that almost always wore heels. According to her she preferred them and only wore athletic shoes if doing yard work or something similiar. I’m sure she was in the minority.

I love high heels, but only for the looks, and I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them around the house unless it was for my boyfriend.

That is the ONLY reason for high heels is their looks.

In my dreams, they do.

I don’t think I even own a pair of high heels right now. And I never owned a pair with heels higher than about 2 inches. I never learned to walk gracefully in the things and I never owned a pair that was comfortable.

I live in Reeboks, with the occasional flat pump if I have to be “dressed up” - like for a funeral or something…


You do this… why?

I think high heels at home look exceptionally sexy. My housemate (who I have just begun sleeping with - but that’s a whole nother topic) wear 'em around the house, and it drives me crazy.

I think it’s both that she looks great in them (which she sooooo does) and the gimmick. Nobody is supposed to wear heels at home - it sort of looks out of place - and so it just gives high-heel-in-the-home women this sexy advantage for some reason.