Do women still have hormone related issues after hysterectomy?

Title kinda says it all.

I have a friend who is 49 years old who had a hysterectomy 10 or so years ago. She has experienced occasional hot flashes recently and wondered if she might be going through menopause. She also notices at certain times of the month she seems to get noticeably hornier as she had when she was younger as a normal course of her monthly cycle.

For my part I had no clue. I do not know if the ovaries are left behind after a hysterectomy and if they still pump out hormones as if it were business as usual (although with no uterus do the ovaries still release eggs and if so where do they go?).

Anyone know how this works? She is not on hormone replacement therapy if that matters.

Short answer from a non-medical person: It depends. When my mother had a hysterectomy, her ovaries were removed as well. They don’t neccessarily have to be, and I have the vague impression that the younger the woman having the hysterectomy the more likely it is that the ovaries will be left in place but I could be wrong. If the ovaries are left in place, they pump out hormones as usual. My totally non-educated guess is that the woman described in the OP is in fact going through menopause.

Hysterectomies remove some to all of the ovaries, uterus, and at times, cervix. If her ovaries are not removed, they would continue to manufacture FSH and the other ovarian hormones, which could have a lot of hormonal effects, physically and psychologically.

If the hot flashes bother her, she should see her doc.

BTW, women with complete hysterectomies go through effectively menopause immediately after the surgery because the required parts are no longer there to manufacture and stimulate hormones.

So, in a nutshell- sure it’s possible. Her ovaries may now be turning off (if she still has them) and giving her menopausal symptoms. But this is theory. For practice, see an OB/Gyn.

I believe also that the longer ago she got the hysterectomy, the more likely it is that they took everything (although I am not a doctor or a medical historian). My aunt got hers chopped out when she was in her 30’s, and she’s in her 70’s now - she was a strong-willed person before the operation, and after she was absolute hell to be around, one hears. This was long before hormone replacement therapy.

Back in the day, when a woman had a hysterectomy, she almost always lost her ovaries in the process. The prevailing attitude among surgeons was that they might cause trouble in the future, and they weren’t really needed for baby-making anymore, they might as well come out. More recently, this has stopped being the blanket policy, particularly for premenopausal women who don’t want to charge straight into menopause.

My mother had a full hysterectemy, including both ovaries, after she nearly died giving birth to me. She didn’t want to go through it again, if you know what I mean.

She experienced menopause, including hot flashes and all that, same as anyone else. Far as I know, it’s normal.