Do Women With Small Breasts Generally Nurse Without Major Problems

Yesterday I escorted a walk-in OB patient from the ER to labor and delivery. On the way out, I chatted with a nurse I’ve known since school and I noticed that her name tag was dangling flipped around. The backside had 2 pictures of the actual size of a babies stomach (smaller than you might think). I asked her why did they have those and she told me it’s a teaching tool for new parents, so many are worried unnecessarily about being able to produce enough. Now, we didn’t get into discussing breast size, per se, but she was clear that it’s just rarely a problem.

Why do you say that? Because of other physiological features that women have that attract males?

Well, couldn’t we pick any single one of those, and say “Without feature X, women would still attract male humans”?

It’s big breasts that make it more difficult, not in the production of milk (obesity aside), but in the positioning. My smallish breasts enabled me to just hold the baby in one arm and feed, but the larger-breasted women had to use their other hand to hold their boobs up. Perhaps with practice that wouldn’t be necessary, but it made getting started more difficult.

Try the Niplette by Avent. I think you need to just pop it on for a few months inside your bra, and eventually they pop out forever. Alternatively, I think you can pop them out right before breast feeding to help latch. I have heard good things! :slight_smile:

That’s some heroism you don’t see every day! Nine babies! She must’ve had Super Woman Nipples. :slight_smile: