Do ya' Think there might be some prosthelatizing/evangelical schools that...

…send their students here to the Straight Dope to practice?

Hey kid, if you can harange, er, I mean harrass, no thats not it… convert those people you’re ready to go out and do GOD’S work. A few post’s later it’s: "Congratulations! You did good! Here’s you’re ticket to Bagdad! Best of luck! Remember, you’re saving souls.

If so, there are a lot of people flunking out of them.

What’s the debate, by the way?

Is there a debate here, or is it yet another “OMG RELIGION IS STUPID” thread?

No, though now that you put it that way, OMG PROSTHELATIZING IS STUPID.

You can believe anything you want. Why is it that some ‘groups of believers’ whatever their belief might be, feel they have to convert others?

Why do some atheists?

Yes, it does look stupid when you put it that way.


Never heard of athiests going door to door with the ‘Watchtower’ type pamphlets. I myself have been interrupted at my home maybe 4 or 5 over the last few years. I, on the other hand, have never tried to ‘convert’ anyone.

It’s a small inconvenience, granted. But on a global scale, this behaviour is disrespectful at the least. And at the other end of the scale inciteful and dangerous. Take for instance the death of the S. Korean man last week. He was’nt there to prosthelatize (at least officially) but it was his goal. And how many others like him are there? Thousands? All willing to convert the heathens.

“Heathens” who live in a country were 97% of the population worships likewise, and is occupied by a superpower where the fundamentalist Christians are gaining ever more power.

I may argue for the sake of argument. That’s what this board is really here for. I don’t try to convert anybody. Hell! I actually hope I’m wrong, though I don’t believe so. But the last thing I would do is go to Iraq hoping to convert Muslims. That’s just crazy; hell it’s like an evangelical suicide mission.

What the heck is so bad about prosthelatizing? I believe all my patients who are missing limbs are entitled to an evaluation to see if they would benefit from prosthetic equipment.

Just so long as they don’t use their new limbs to go door-to-door-preaching I’m okay with it.

The problem is when they sucker folks with otherwise healthy limbs into giving them up for prosthetics. In that case, I am strongly opposed to prosthelatizing.

Gee, because it’s a mandate of their religion, perhaps? Ask 'em not to come back if they bother you.

Prosthelatizing doesn’t have anything to do with your limbs!

It’s about good deeds arm in arm with the Word. It’s giving someone a helping hand. It’s giving someone a ride when cab fare would cost an arm and a leg. It’s about going out into the community… and stumping in Jesus’ name!