Do you always carry ID?

Do you always carry ID on your person? If not, why not? And has it ever got you in trouble?

Always, since I always have my wallet.

Only when I’m driving or have other express need for ID. (I long ago got out of the habit of carrying a purse, and I’m afraid to start again because I know I’ll leave it behind me wherever I go.) I can’t think of any reason I’d need my ID unless I’m driving or writing a check, and I don’t write checks in stores any more. It’s never been a problem for me, but I’m a middle-aged white person in a pretty homogenous region of the US.

I do, for the most part, because I’ve been dumb enough to get stuck without it. It hasn’t been a huge problem, but I’ve had to show it to use my debit and credit cards at some stores, and since it costs me nothing to carry, I just got in the habit of doing it whether I have my wallet or not.

If I’m going out of my house, out of my yard, yes. If I just go out to the back porch and read, no, I don’t, and I usually don’t take a phone with me, either.

I always have it in my purse, so yeah. Never know when you might need it. I just needed it today when I went and got a blood draw, and I didn’t even think of it that I might need it for that.

If I’m away from the house, and not out for a jog, then yes. I have my wallet, and thus my ID.

If I’m going out I’m driving so yes I will have it.

On the rare occasions I’m not driving I may leave everything at home.

If I’m traveling more than a quick walk from my home then I either have to carry ID because I’m driving or I want to carry ID so they can easily identify me in case of a serious injury or something.

If I’m out of my yard, I’ve got my wallet, which includes ID, and I’ve also got business cards.

Yes. My “purse” is a lanyard with a small zippered section for bills, and a clear window section which displays my work ID and has my driver’s license and debit card behind the work ID. It’s either around my neck (at work) or in my pocket.

Yep, if I’m off my property, I’ve got my wallet, phone, and keys.

Unless I’ve driving, which mandates a driver license, I do not carry a governmentally-issued ID. As a privacy advocate (i.e., nutcase) the Constitution of the U.S. does not require an ID and I make it a point not to carry one. Yes, I have had several run-ins with law enforcement because of it. All those incidents were resolved in my favor, but not necessarily quickly. On the other hand, “no photo ID, no service” is pretty common in retail establishments. I have no beef with that. So you win and lose.

Not only my ID but my phone as well. (My wife insists on it) Even when I’m taking the dog for a walk around the block. When I get dressed in the morning my wallet goes in my right front pocket and my phone goes in the left and a watch goes on my wrist. They come out/off when I go to bed at night.

Only if I’m driving, otherwise it depends. If I’m walking to the shops I may take the whole wallet or just drop an ATM card in the pocket so I can pay. If I’m going for a walk for exercise, then no.

What kind of establishments are those? I can’t think of any I visit that have that policy, unless you look underage and are trying to buy liquor. I don’t think I look 18 anymore, so my face is my ID.

Not always. But there are many stories of foreigners in Thailand being caught out without it. As with many if not most laws in Thailand, the law is vague in this regard. Apparently Thais really are required to carry ID, but as the law is worded to cover citizens, it’s not clear if this includes foreigners. Farang (Western) residents here are forever arguing about this. Some say there is a law on the books, but no one to my knowledge has been able to point to it. Many times the cops will insist on running in a farang for not carrying ID, and if you say there’s no law against it, he’s not about to admit a farang might know the law better than he does. Some cops will even demand an on-the-spot bribe to forget the whole thing.

So I usually but not always carry a photocopy of my pertinent passport pages. This is said to satisfy most cops, but you do hear stories about a cop insisting you’re supposed to keep your actual passport on you at all times, which I’m not about to do considering some of the dives I visit. I do have a Thai driver’s license, but I keep that squirreled away too, as replacing that would be also be a big headache. But so far, I’ve not ever been asked for ID by a cop.

I don’t like leaving my wallet in the car, so if I’m driving over to one of the nearby trails for a run, I don’t have any ID in the car. Shhh!
If I’m running or riding on the road, I have a RoadID on, which has emergency contact info, but is nothing close to being official.

This pisses me off! It’s wrong! It’s false & for the most part it is against the Visa/MC merchant contract for them to even ask for it. In general, if the sig on the card & receipt match, the card is valid (not expired), & they give you an approval Visa/MC will honor the purchase. This is because Visa/MC want to make it as easy as possible for the customer to use their card as they get a cut from the merchant & there’s also interest charges (if you don’t pay your card in full). Making you dig in your wallet for something else is not making it easier on you, the customer. [/end rant]
I used to work in the card industry & reported one store that refused to sell me whatever I was trying to buy w/o ID (it was a bike shop, see above). MC sent them a very nasty “cease & desist your inappropriate practices” letter.
[/end hijack]

Living in the country, my car keys and wallet stay on the nightstand unless I’m going somewhere. If I’m just working around the property or in the shop all I’m carrying is pocket knife and the keys for shops/sheds/house.

I only have it if I have my wallet, and I only have my wallet if I’m expecting to buy something. Carrying your license while driving is not a requirement here.