Do you avoid shopping on Black Friday?

I can’t recall anyone in my family ever shopping on Black Friday. The malls and stores are the last place on earth we want to be on crowded shopping days. I even avoid the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving and on Black Friday.

I’ve never been convinced the sales prices are that great either. They have a few loss leaders that are often sold out within a couple hours. The article I quoted confirms what I’ve always suspected.

I know some people enjoy the thrill of Black Friday. Even camping out in the parking lot the night before. If it makes you happy then go for it. Have fun! :wink:

I hate everything about it. I’ve never done day-after-Thanksgivng shopping, anyway, but this craziness seemed to start getting out of hand in the mid-90’s and I’ve never wanted to be a part of it. I stay home, cook, watch movies, have people over maybe, and enjoy a quiet day of non-consumerism.

Yeah, I avoid shopping like the plague on Black Friday. Any sales I go for will be online, where I don’t have to worry about being shoved and trampled by greedy mobs.

I go. It’s very targeted and quick. Tonight, I got the Ninja blender at Walmart for 40 bucks, a griddle for 10 bucks and a mini chopper, food processor for 4 bucks. In and out in 20 minutes and I’m done. My Mother-in-law hits lots of stores and spends hours. Wouldn’t do that. I just scan the ads and decide one or two things that seem like a good deal and try to snag that and only that… Seems to have worked out for me.

I have to go to Home Depot for some paint. After that, I’m staying home.

And why don’t they call it “GREEN” Friday, for all the money changing hands?

I did in once in the 80s - I got caught up in the furor and bought a LOT of stuff, and a few days later, was returning most of it. Never again.

Then again, shortly after that, both sides of the family decided to quit exchanging gifts except for the kids, who are now all employed adults, so we pretty much don’t bother at all. Personally, I’ve found the entire end-of-the-year holiday craziness much nicer since I stopped decorating and shopping.

I work in retail ,so i don’t have time to shop.

After Thanksgiving dinner at the in-laws’, Airman and I went through the local mega-shopping center to see what the lines for Target and Kohl’s looked like at 9 p.m. (I think they opened at midnight.) They were pretty long and nothing I’d want to do under any circumstance let alone after Thanksgiving dinner.

I have a friend, though, who is a laff riot this time of year. She’s posted to Facebook about all the stuff she’s bought at Walmart or Target or wherever she went, and she’ll post a zillion pictures of her Christmas decorating and baking and whatnot, but she’s usually one of the first to drag out the “Keep Christ in Christmas!” stuff. She’s reinforcing why I don’t go out much today.

I do all my holiday shopping online November 1st. No crowds, no lines, no traffic, and they’ll even wrap it for me.

I don’t celebrate Christmas and I hate crowds, especially when they’re composed of the sort of people drawn by obsessive consumerism. In fact, I don’t just avoid shopping on Black Friday, but pretty much avoid any sort of shopping that isn’t absolutely necessary during the Chrismas season. If I do have to go shopping during the season, I’ll try to pick a time when it’s unlikely others will be there in droves, like a Wednesday morning or something.

You couldn’t get me into a Black Friday sale with a gun to my head.

Clearly, you are me.

I’ve gone twice. Once to get a stockpot for making turkey broth from the carcass, and once to shop the crap out of the local big mall - mostly for myself! I got a ton of nice stuff at the Body Shop for super-cheap (some for myself, some for Christmas gifts), and some clothes and jewelry for me for work.

I have already bought several things today, online.

Apple has their iPad 2’s discounted by $40, plus free engraving. Best Buy has $100 iTunes cards for $80. All will be shipped right to my door.

Hell yes. Although I can say from experience working retail – in a mall, no less – that the weekend before Christmas is 10^infinity worse than black Friday (I worked both black Friday and the weekend before Christmas). The whole fucking world decides to go shopping. And because it’s usually panicky people who waited until the last minute to shop, they had no clue what to get whoever they were shopping for. Very chaotic.

It’s not really a thing in Canada, since our Thanksgiving is in October. We don’t have one specific “buy yourself silly” day that all the ads are centered around, so it’s less of a panic. That said, Mom tells me the stores were putting out “Vendredi Noir” ads this week, so maybe the creep has begun.

I have tried, for several years, to make it a “buy nothing day”. I usually succeed, although sometimes I’ve needed gas or a trip to the grocery store. I just hate the push to consume on this specific day. I know why the stores do it, but it makes Christmas shopping so much more stressful. I may check out some online sales, but they’re not really any better than the sales that will continue through December, in my experience. Today I will be staying in my jammies, baking cookies, chilling out with my cats and not spending a dime.

The reason I’ve never bothered with Black Friday is if there was something I wanted SOOOOO BADLY that I’d be willing to camp out just for the POSSIBILITY of getting one…yeah. I’d just pay full price. So…yeah.

It has definitely begun here - I was shopping yesterday, and I saw Black Friday sales everywhere. I’ve been seeing the ads on tv for a while now.

The only l time I ever consciously shopped on Black Friday in recent memory was about 7 years ago when I, my mother, and my then-mother-in-law were chipping in to buy my then-wife a laptop for Christmas and I absolutely had to get the best laptop I could for the least money. I scored an excellent HP at Costco in Myrtle Beach, SC*, for a steal.

*We were already there, I didn’t drive all the way just to shop. :slight_smile:

Yeah, the ‘Gotta get this as a Christmas present’ thing is the only real reason I can think to do this. Most of what’s on sale now will be the same price, or even lower, come January or February.