Do you believe Adnan Syed is guilty of murder and are you a Democrat or Republican?

We’re looking to see if there is a correlation between being Republican and thinking Adnan Syed is guilty.

Please vote option 7 if you did NOT already have a stance on this case before stumbling upon this thread.

Who is Adnan Syed? linky?

I can’t vote in the poll because I’m not certain of his guilt or innocence. I am certain there were serious problems with the way his first trials were handled, and so I hope that the previous verdict is overturned. And think his guilt is extremely questionable. But I am mostly just hoping that he gets what I’d consider a fairer shot at justice via a new trial (with the understanding that a trial this distant in time from the events in question introduces its own difficulties).

I voted 7 because I never heard of him before. As to his guilt or innoncence, he was convicted and his case is under appeal.

I tend to give less weight to a podcast than I do a criminal trial. In his trial, he was given the benefit of a reasonable doubt, and the prosecution was given a chance to present the case against him. I haven’t heard the podcast, but I doubt if it applied the same standard of evidence.

The prosecution case was sufficient to overcome reasonable doubt, and therefore, unless and until new evidence comes up, he can be presumed guilty.

I am a moderate Republican, if that helps.


Why is Moderate distinct from Republican and Democrat?

Here’s a link to a Wikipedia page. It has been the subject of multiple podcasts and a recent flurry of activity. In short, a young man accused and convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend back in 1999 who has been in jail ever since. But a podcast’s investigation into events surrounding the investigation and trial has spurred a ton of public interest and have many questioning his guilt.

There actually has been new evidence that has come up, much of which was the subject of a recent court hearing that may lead to a new trial. A ruling has yet to be issued.

I don’t say that to change your mind; just to address the specific point you made.

Never heard the name ‘Adnan Syed’ before seeing the thread title. Democrat. Option 7 it is.

Jay is either lying or he is not.

What motivation does Jay have to lie about Adnan?

I don’t know enough to determine guilt or innocence, but it really looks like he did not get a fair trial or adequate representation in his trials and there is enough evidence to justify reasonable doubt.

Okay, I’ll bite.

Why do you think one’s political leaning would correlate with whether one felt Syed guilty or innocent?

It’s not immediately obvious to me.

First heard of this here. The wiki contains no substantial information about the trial or the evidence. So I don’t have a stance, and have no idea why political orientation has anything to do with this.

All I did was read the Wiki page, and AFAICT someone is saying she was talking to the guy on the phone while the murder was being committed, and the Innocence Project is applying to test (or re-test) the DNA.

He’s already been tried twice - maybe third time will be lucky, although sixteen years after the fact.

But again, I take evidence presented under oath, and subject to cross-examination, more seriously than podcasts. As mentioned, I haven’t heard the podcast, and I don’t have any way to judge their credibility. If the evidence stands up in court, that’s another thing.


Well, he’s actually only been tried once, as the initial trial never reached the jury. You said that if there was new evidence, that might be different. I’m simply saying that there has, in fact, been new evidence, presented under oath and subject to cross-examination. What impact that will have remains to be seen. It has been almost two months since the end of the hearing that was scheduled to allow that new evidence to be considered.

In other words, I don’t think we’re contradicting one another.

I agree, I don’t know if he’s guilty or innocent, but I’m troubled by how his case was handled, and hope he gets a fair shake now.

But I’m also troubled by the cases that haven’t had podcasts about them. I doubt that Adnan was just the most unlucky guy and everyone else got a good trial in Baltimore around that time. For both Serial and Making a Murderer, people get so focused on the individual cases of possible injustice, and miss the bigger picture of issues with investigations and the court system.

I feel like op is trying to see if the Republicans would find Adnan (who is middle eastern) more guilty than the Democrats.

Actually has nothing to do with ethnicity. But I slightly feel like Republicans are more likely to think of him as Guilty. I am a Democrat and I think he’s innocent. One of my close friends is a hard Republican and he thinks he’s guilty.

I am testing to see whether this is just a coincidence or if there is some correlation.

I vaguely heard about it before reading this so it’s number 7. I’m leaning towards guilty but would have to know more about what was presented at trial. The new evidence does not seem like a bombshell that would prove his innocence but might possibly have added some reasonable doubt.

Per this Entertainment Weekly storyon Undisclosed, which is AIUI, yet another program about this case, Wilds may have been lying to get the ~3,000 dollars or so of Crime Stopper reward money so he could buy a motorcycle. (See #5 in their article)

Moreover, there’s witness preparation, and then there’s leading the witness down the primrose path and getting them to say shit they never saw. #4 in the link implies the detectives were doing the latter.

Never heard of this case until this post, so I picked the last choice. Looking into the links, and a little googling, I’m not sure I’d have voted to convict for murder in a case with no physical evidence tying the accused to the deceased or the site where she was found, no witness to the murder, and most of the evidence being inconsistent testimony from an accomplice to the burying of the deceased. I don’t know that Syed didn’t kill Lee either, but ties go to the accused in our system.

None of the options work for me. I don’t know if he’s guilty or not, but I have concerns that he didn’t get a fair trial.