Do you "buy" free Kindle e-books?

There are a lot of resources for finding free Kindle e-books. Amazon itself has some good resources for finding them.

Here’s a listing of 26 places to find free Kindle e-books.

Here’s Amazon’s listing of the top 100 free e-books.

There’s a subReddit on free Kindle e-books. Also a subReddit for free e-books in general, but most are from Amazon.

There are library resources where you can borrow Kindle e-books as well as the Kindle lending library and the Amazon Prime lending library. But for purposes of this thread, I’m just asking about “buying” and not borrowing from a library.

That’s just for starters. There are so many resources out there to find free Kindle e-books.

Depending on the source, the e-books might just be long ads or new writers trying to get an audience. A good deal of the time, the English is horrible. It pays to read the reviews before going through the process of “paying”. It probably wouldn’t be reasonable to expect too many blockbusters in the bunch, although sometimes there are freebies from a publisher to get an audience hooked on a series for the next installment to get released. Sometimes, although rarely, there’s a gem in the chaff.

Sometimes I just go to the freebies list just to see what titles are out there to see what people are reading. The download doesn’t often match the title. But it just takes a minute to find that out.

Do you ever “buy” free Kindle e-books?

I get almost all of my e-books for free from Project Gutenberg, but that’s not quite the same thing.

I would hazard a guess that the top 100 free e-books are grotesquely overpriced.

I joined a site that sent out daily emails recommending free ebooks a few years ago. For awhile I would hunt through the lists, giving this or that a try. The Martian was free on its initial release, so I figured there were diamonds in the rough just waiting to be discovered. Maybe there are, but all I found was a bunch of crap. Books you didn’t even need to read past page two to abandon and yet many of them came highly recommended.

The internet has given rise to several awful trends, among them providing everyone with a voice and enabling anyone to publish a novel.

I haven’t voted yet because I can’t decide between the choices. I’ve been thinking of starting a thread about how much amazon’s kindle unlimited sucks. It costs about $10/month to subscribe. I’m looking for treasure among unbelievable trash, and I’m not finding it, but I haven’t yet cancelled my subscription.

I have a serious reading addiction and read 2-4 books a week. I can’t afford to buy even one book a week.

The local library offers ebooks, but their small selection sucks almost as bad as kindle unlimited.

I’ve had my kindle about a year, and I love it, but it’s definitely a struggle to get decent free books.

I’ve bought some free public domain books like HG Wells and Jules Verne stuff.

That would be going a bit deep, I think. A lot of times the first of a series is offered free with the hope you’ll get hooked. It worked with me and Heide Goody.

Project Gutenberg is on the list of free e-book sites, but you’re right, those are mostly classics so the content is probably higher quality. You would know this more than I would since I don’t often go there, but from the little I’ve seen of it, most of the books aren’t contemporary.

You might be right, but you never know. But yes, it often takes time to find anything worth reading so if time is money, then spending time looking for free books might cost more in time than it’s worth.

It’s nice that you found something of value in the beginning. I found a book that I had been wanting to purchase that the author gave out for free during the holidays. It wasn’t a mainstream book though.

I’ve noticed that some of the books that might actually have value are given out for for free as a promotion during the holidays.

Between those two trends, I’d favor the trend of people publishing a novel. I’m all for people trying to be creative over the trend where everyone’s a critic.

*I’m assuming everyone having a voice is an awful trend because everyone’s a critic. Otherwise, it might be a good trend to give everyone equal say and ability to be heard.

Rhetorical question. What kinds of books do you like to read? Maybe if you found a category of books you like, you might be able to find a source that would produce more hits. Narrowing down the categories might allow you to hone in on what you enjoy most.

I generally read the Amazon reviews with a skeptical eye before I take the time to download anything.

This site, Kindle Book Deals, allows you to find the free books by genre. It might be worth a look. If nothing else, it would allow you to compare how awful the free books are compared to the Kindle Unlimited library books and help you decide if you want to keep your subscription.

For some reason, the Amazon free 100 list appeals to me more than Kindle books deals site, but both have led to some interesting titles. The advantage of the Amazon free titles list is that the stars are already listed. The disadvantage is that they’re not categorized. It’s the opposite with the Kindle deals site. I have to click an additional time to get to the reviews, but the titles are grouped by genre.

Yay! I’m glad you both found some good free stuff out there. Maybe a thread on great free book finds would be fun and interesting.

No, they aren’t contemporary and while most are good I have managed to find a couple stinkers on Gutenberg.

I have found a few decent reads in Amazon’s very very very low price and free selections. Sturgeon’s Law applies, and then some. May not be worth the effort for a lot of people. I’ve pretty much stopped trying myself.

My wife has been reading all of the Bronte sisters, Jane Austen and Charles Dickens books, most all of which are free, so yes.

I’ve found all sorts of interesting things in Amazon’s recommendations of free e-reads. That’s where I discovered Christopher Nuttall, for example. Good, modern military SF.

I’ve certainly found great bargains in the $1.99 deals of the day and they usually have a themed Sunday with quite a few books heavily discounted. The free Kindle rental books are also nice.

But, most of the self published e books are rubbish. I’m sure there are some gems out there, but I don’t have the patience to wade though them.

And, since I try to pick the later shipping options, I get so many of the $1 discounts for kindle books so most of the $1.99 I never have to pay for.

Years ago, when I got my first Kindle, it seems like there were a lot more “legit” (not just self-published) e-books offered free. (One example: There used to be more in the Baen Free Library than there is nowadays.) I would sometimes seek them out, and I subscribed to at least a couple blogs that regularly posted about free books that were available. Nowadays those blogs are either inactive or posting about other things than free books. Amazon’s website used to list the Top 100 Paid and the Top 100 Free kindle books; but if they still do, I can’t find it.

Nowadays, in addition to the selection of quality free books having somewhat dried up, I have a substantial backlog of books that I’ve either bought (often cheap, which is the new free?) or acquired free but haven’t yet gotten around to reading, so I’m not going to “buy” books just to have something available to read. I go searching for free books a lot less often, and I’m more reluctant to “buy” even a free book unless I really think I’m going to read it some day; but I still occasionally find free books that are worth picking up.

I’ve ‘bought’ a lot of the free ‘classics’, but nothing recently published. I actually haven’t paid for an ebook yet, come to think of it.

There are services that stuff the reviews of the Kindle Unlimited books, so unless there are more than 150 or so reviews, you can’t use those reviews as a yardstick. When I do find an author, usually through a recommendation, I do pay for it. Authors deserve recompense.

All the authors I’ve been reading lately are long dead, recompense wouldn’t be much use… :wink:

I’ve gotten them in the past. I haven’t found anything that was particularly notable.

Most of the free ebooks I get are from sources other than Amazon, like from the author or publisher directly.

I clicked the “free 100” link from Amazon supplied above, and ended up buying 3 or 4 of them, so I guess the answer is “Yes”.

But even before that, I have bought such free books. If it’s free, and sounds like I might like it, why not buy it? It’s not like I have to lug it home or anything, like a physical book.

Amazon’s Top 100 free e-books

The link is in the OP as well, along with several other sources of free e-books.