Do you call your current lover different pet names than your ex-lovers?

I do, just for the sake that I want them to have a diffferent identity. I don’t think I can ever call a girl by a previous same-name endearment, no matter how much I like it.

Former pet names I’ve used:

Hunner Bunner
Baby Doll
Baby Girl

My new one is Cuddle Monkey.

So how’s about you? Do you recycle names for your lovers or do you give them a new one? I think it’s right that you do.

I don’t think my ex-lovers had any pet name at all for my current one. They’ve never met.

We’ve both avoided this problem by never having used Pet Names, either with previous lovers, or now.

My first wife was Baby Toad. I just picked out two words arbitrarily (with her agreement). I was Bunny.

My current wife is Little One. I’m Dragon.

I’ve never used pet names for my lovers. Aside from the occasional “darling” or “sweetie” nothing I wouldn’t call any other poor sod I wanted to do my bidding.

I do always end up with the same pet names from my lovers, though – cold-hearted ice queen bitch is by far the most popular…though they usually wait til they are an “ex-lover” to use that one…

In all seriousness, most of my exes were the type to use pet names and I did usually end up being called “baby girl” – I think because I am so tiny (short and thin) compared to the guys I tend to date.