List your terms of endearment . . . I need new ones!


I think that my terms of endearment for my girlfriend are getting old, so I’d like to steal some of yours. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

She’s my:

  1. Angel
  2. Princess
  3. Baby
  4. Babe

Im her:

  1. Prince
  2. Baby
  3. Lovebug
  4. Snugglebunny
  5. Babe

I use adjectives such as special, precious, pretty, gorgeous, and beautiful. Sometimes I use those adjectives as terms of endearment on their own. Every now again we call each other “Honey,” but mostly it’s “Baby” or “Babe.”

I apologize to all of you that I have just made sick! But some of us are pathetically whipped on their significant others, and right now I fall into that category.

What do you call your significant other?

Pinky. :smiley:

Godzilla. :wink:


I’ve been called :

  1. kitten
  2. angel
  3. bella (beautifil in Italian
  4. honey
    I have called by SO
  5. Studmuffin (he loved that)
  6. lover
  7. Baby

Sir…but then, I have issues.

I used to be her Chipmunk and she used to be my Angel. Now she’s That Fucking Bitch That Ruined My Life and I’m The Asshole Who Didn’t Understand Her Or Her Needs.

He calls me “love” or “baby”–I call him “honey” or “baby.” Sometimes I’ll call him “darling” in a joking sort of way. For example: “darling, love of my life, fire of my loins… why are your dirty socks on the kitchen table?”

I generally add “head” to everything I call my boyfriend.

Punky head
Crazy head
Cutie head
Sexy head

And then there are the non “head” ones.

Cutie pie
hunny bunny

And another vote for Punk :slight_smile:

He’s the only drop of water in my desert of loooove :o

One that a friend of mine uses and I love is:



I don’t get “treacle” . . .

Smoochie Face - or often just Smoochie.


Bubble Butt
Pie (short for Cutie Pie, Honey Pie, Moose Turd Pie)

I call him:
He calls me:

Another “Sweetie” user here. I call him Sweetie, he calls me Sweetie - makes it easy to remember!

honeybaby. While it may seem an obvious combination of two terms of endearment, I actually “invented” it when we were watching And Now for Something Completely Different. The skit where the guy is interviewing the movie director (IIRC), and kept getting his name wrong–after each attempt I asked my girlfriend if I could call her that. The interviewer asked if he could call the guy “Eddie-baby,” so I asked her if I could call her “honey-baby” and she finally said yes to that one. So there.

I’ve heard other people use it though, but I bet not for the same reason.

I call my dog meathead, buddy-bear, baby-bear, booger-butt, pig-f****er, frito-feet, bud, buddy, budders, puppers, and many others I can’t think of at the moment. Many of these won’t work on your girlfriend, but feel to try “frito-feet” sometime :smiley: .


Well, if I had a sweetie I might call him sugarbutt!
A particular variant of his/her name that no one else uses. For example, I might let my SDMB sweetie call me Kallie, but slap anyone else who called me that.

baby doll, sugar, honey, angelmine, sweetness, babe, Sex God.